Is the hair color issue for blondes going to be fixed in the 2.6 update?

Will it ignasis? Please

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when you want blonde wavy hair it turns completely dark brown

its for single player in my case. I think other have a problem with it too in multi, private whatever. Ignasis knows about the problem but they don’t seem interested in solving it

This has been an issue since the Isle of Siptah DLC and update dropped for consoles earlier this year. You know when they updated the lighting, colors etc. It’s the shoulder-length wavy hair on females. Any colors besides completely black is just a brown/brownish gray color. It’s for both main character creation, and the orb. Single-player, and online.


Its been there since Day 1. Different lighting in different areas causes few of Hair colors to stand out like neon, or go to dark color.
My characters white hair stands out like it glows in dark during sandstorms since day 1.

Here in shadow of my house its goes brown.

Day one of Release maybe, But the issue was not in Early Access.

I used to use the female wavy style in the light red shade in E.A. it is no longer possible because the female wavy hair is always darker now than it was then.

Any light shade of hair blonde, red etc. on the female wavy hair appears brown now, and it most definitely did not in E.A.

Is t just wavy hair, because I have no clue what you are talking about.

I really only use 3 of hair styles… I notice it with all of them, sometimes on thralls.
I don’t use one pictured above, =/

Here is an EA screenshot of a hair color you cant have anymore on wavy hair:


wavy hair

To be honest even though it a bug this has no physical impact on game or performance or balance thus the issues is as low as low gets on bug priorities list along with some things I report year or so ago it’s not a priority unfortunately but it will be fixed when it fixed lots of other issues and the 3.0 we know nothing about and manpower for it soooooooo yeah

Yeah, it’s just the wavy hair, every other style appears normal as far as I know.

I switched to either the long braded hair for quite a while, just so I could have red hair
or black hair if I want the wavy style. I actually searched my HD looking for old screenshots
to compare as to illustrate what we are talking about, but alas me thinks those pictures are on my old computer, and retrieving them at this time is more effort than I can muster.

But I see @Agnusthemagi has provided an image of the original red wavy hair. thank you good sir. :slight_smile:

I was actually playing with the orb of Nergal this morning, looking at different hair styles and colors, and it was totally screwed up. When I tried to change my blonde to red/orange, it was pink.

That other hair that is like a big ponytail also has the same color problem. Must share the same texture.

Abunch of my Day 1 thralls, Hairs turned Pink after last update.

If I get a chance, behind on that regard sadly…

Is there even a bug report for this? The wavy hair is my favorite female hairstyle, coincidentaly so is black hair color, which works fine, but any other color is brown if I ever want to change a bit (now that we can without a mod).

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