Improve hair shaders/ colors

Hair shader/colors need some improvement, specially the lighter shades blondes and redheads are too washed out and dont look good most of the time.


Yeah, I have a thrall with red hair and I’m always wondering why they look so “glowy” while the dark hair colors just look normal

I noticed there is no graphic cathegory on the suggestions pinned threads, maybe Funcom is taking suggestions involving graphics?
If not, this one and the fairer skin for nordheimmers suggestion are on my top list.

This definitly needs to be addressed, the hair as a whole looks washed and flat, unrealsitic, and the lighter colors “glow” in the dark. Can’t be so hard to make useful hair colors, nearly everyone else managed to do it.

Blonde hair is the worst, red got a little better with some lighting change on the latest patches, but blonde still looks awful.