Maybe not most important thing but....match body hair to head hair colour :)

Hiys this time just a quick suggestion. Guys Please match colour of body hais including pubic hair to the one on head. Light blond hair ppl rarely has black body hair :slight_smile:


I would actually second this, someone with white hair should not have black pubic hair, should be a shade of grey at most, and it really bugs me, or they could have a separate slider for body hair colour.


I’d be on board with this, and in fact I’d propose taking it a step further and make not only the color customizable but the level of coverage as well so players can choose just how hairy they want their exile to be.


Hey baby. Does the drapes match the carpet?

:joy: yes please

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There is a bodyhair color data table in the devkit. I just started looking to see if I can slip it into the CharacterCreation blueprint, or if it can be used in something like the Emberlight vanity or CharEditLite mirror. No idea, yet.
Wild thrall appearance looks to be all rng…something else I want to play with.
No, I don’t have anything in the Workshop, yet. All my funky modding is on my SP game & private server.

I support this idea, body hair should be changable like head hair.
Also I would like a better color selection for beards, every red beard color just fades to brown.

I want my glorious red beard like it was IRL.

disclaimer: Real life beard is white now (I’m old), but I would still like a red option in game. :slight_smile:

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