Change hair and beard option

Only because I dont want this to die. We need to option to customize our characters more with beards and hair/color. Also id like an option to change our name ( with a cool down period of course - like a week)


+1 yes to the hair & beard, notsomuch on the name change.


When you create a character, its not very clear where youre supposed to change your name. At least in PS4. I support at least one name change per player because so many accidently end up and are sruck running around with their PSN tag as their name.


I am so down for the hair (and I guess beard, if you’re into that kind of thing) change.

The name shouldn’t, if you need a name change form then build a form office, submit it, and wait.

Do you mean changing one’s hairstyle and beard after character creation, or simply having more options to choose from at the start?

So many people have requested both that I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we got them with some future update, though about when that would be I have no idea. Even if they know there’s a demand I imagine they have other things to work on as well.

I feel it could be a thrall, or an item you can eat or even a place in Sepermaru you can go and change things about your character. Its nothing thats not already in code. Im not saying a full character change. Just hair and beard and their respective colors.

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Please this!!! Like…why isnt this already a thing.



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I know! I feel so many have brought this up. Im not a programmer but I dont see how it could be much different than changing armor. I mean, We go bald if we wear a helmet. So that is a change to the character model i believe.


Yes! I too wish very badly that you could change the appearance of your character some how. Although I wish you could change the entire appearance. It really couldn’t be that hard, there are many other mmos that have that option.

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PLEASE. How many more times can we as a community collectively request this?

+5 from me.


Along these lines I want the option to customize my thralls appearance as well. Such as hairstyles/colors.

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I’ll even stop lurking in the shadows of rl and start posting again, just to say… yes please, please. This has been wanted for a long time!!


YES ! More beards, more hair, give it to me ! This is the major lack in the character customisation in my opinion, and as a beard aficionados, i want more and i want to be able to change it.

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No need to lurk JTtheDestroyer, step foward and proclaim. Although we have been kind of proclaiming this one for sometime now. @Gavinrad summed it up nicely, we need some more in-game character customisation options. My guy has been sporting the same look for almost 2 years now. We need a change.


Yea, it doesnt even have to be a full gender change or anything. Just some hair and beard options. Also would LOVE some better looking additional Hair and beard options lol the beard ones they have look like the guy was trying to trim around his lips but kept having to over correct his line haha


You have my axe!
Hopefully it will be implemented before season 3!


Its been asked for since forever. I hope they’ll have it in in the next big patch. The game is ready for it. Theres a lot more rp players than before.

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Even though there is a huge PVP community I agree 100%.

This world is built for RP. Conan is a perfect vehicle for RP.


Hair matters.

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Wut? Moar beards!?!?

Yes sir may I ave smore beards please? (And maybe some hairstyles i guess :wink: )

Why of course Eutus!! We love you and want to see you smile through a gore caked beard!

Thanks Funcom!! Xoxo lol

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