Character appearance edit post creation

Is there still no way to alter the appearance of a character post creation? Is my only option to delete and remake the character altogether?

Unfortunately not yet Motorhead44. Well not unless you want to remove the Bracelet and recreate a character in that manner. There have been strengthening calls for the ability to customise Hair and Beard Styles, through either a Barber at Sepermeru or a Vanity Mirror (see below- care to be no.30? :laughing:). Heres hoping anyway friend.

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Thanks for the confirmation, definitely hope a way is added soon, as well.

No problem. In fact Im sure someone posted a question about it during the dev stream only recently. Heres the summary.

I think that is actually the third or so thing the community has been asking for more since the beggining:
1 horses
2 sorcery
3 more outfits roleplay stuff
4 change appearance in game

Yes I want the ability to change hairstyles, facial hair, and make up. I don’t want “plastic surgery” options though like gender, size, race, facial features, etc. Barbarians probably didn’t have them then and we don’t really need them now IMO.

The 3 will be in the next DLC and the 1 will come in December. So perhaps we’ll see the 4 next year. For Sorcery, there’s a lot of it already in the game. I’ll be curious what kind of Sorcery people wants implemented ?

I think people wants something like Age of Conan which was essentially (if I remember well) curses, buffs, heals, sacred or unholy damage, resurrection, demon summoning… I didn’t play that much Age of Conan but in my memory there was Priests of Mithra and Khitan/Stygian mage (can’t remember the name), also Necro and Demonologist.

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