Any New Character Creation Options?

Was wondering if the expac was going to add any new character creation options. Hair, Faces, beards, body shapes/skins. it’s been years & Funcom hasn’t really added any creation options which is odd.


:smiley: RA mod is planning something to add scars and new customization stuff soon … It would be awesome if Funcom did it instead, but … Let’s be positive! They MAYBE do it SOMEDAY. :smiley:

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Funcom has stated they will add new customization options once they have a way of allowing us to recustomize our characters. It wouldn’t be fair for 900 day old characters to need to be recreated to take advantage of added options new players get right off the bat.

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Oh my ! Do you remember where did you hear or read this ? I’m interested !

pretty sure i heard they mention new warpaints on the stream, could be wrong though, but new map new start new warpaints dont seem that far fetched :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t mean new paints & gear, I mean actual character options.

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Will it really be so hard to put a function in to allow players to re-customize their characters? like i personally would have loved this as i remade my person 3 times because i wanted to change something.

They could place something like an item that allows for character customization so you could redo the original looks of your char like the vanity table in a mod already. Allowing those that waned to to rebalamce the looks of a char based on clan or lifestyle in game.

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Not in this patch but i hope they add them soon, would be amazing to have more options and flexibility to character creation.


I did notice in the dev stream that they never showed the front of the toon. Only with ugly helmets on.

Considering I can think of like four mods just off the top of my head that let you do just that I’m gonna go out on a limb and say “probably not.”

I assume they just have other things they want to get to first.

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Mods that change more then just hair, faces, makeup? Like body shape - and not just bigger/smaller.

Im over the ape-ish looking male and the super vixen fem …

IQoL lets you change your body shape, but the results I got when I tried it out were…not great.

I was referring specifically to mods that let you alter your appearance after character creation though, not mods that add new options.

It takes practice. And it helps when server admins restrict the sliders so the players don’t go too far and malf up their own characters.

But you can go full on with Elves, Dwarves or whatever with that mod.

Hmm, I have to look into that one. Altho Im not looking for sliders and different heads, but different builds. Like a slender male or a very curvy femal and so on. And I know they would need to rework most outfits, but I would love actual options - especially for RP.

Oh and while Im at it - different forms of movement/posture/expressions would be great as well.

Funcom, are there any new character creation options? especially new hair, beard & face options?

Yes also funcom has to stick to lore by contracts with owner of Conan thus so mods can do neat stuff where funcom is not allowed so the mod will always be better in content :cry:

Vanilla Stygan

Modded Stygan

You decide

Very nice, she kinda looks like the Stygians from Age of Conan.

My Necro I think the modded toon is even better.

She is 12 years in play

The paragon is only about 2 years old. Still better than CE.

BTW kids, She is a priest. There are 4 paragon levels. She is level 1, which means she made it to level 20 without dying. Try it, I dare you.