Can we have new faces templates for the character creations

Can we have new faces templates for the character creations? I mean good looking faces. No ugly faces, I don’t understand why you guys developed those. We want hot characters faces and more hairstyles

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Huh. Weird, I think they’re all really good looking. To me it seems hard to make one that’s ugly! I guess if you’re not a fan of wide faces with high cheekbones you might find them all ugly? But it’s so subjective.

Now the bodies, particularly the male bodies. I’d like to have the option for a male character that was lean and muscular, not a roided up bodybuilder. But to me the faces are a hell of a lot better than some other games.


I gotta agree the new faces look kinda bad, but who am I to judge right?
I prefer even more hairs or variations of existing ones, beards, make up, marks and the like

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IF use the orb of nergal… they have more custom faces and they are just ugly asf

Oh right the new faces. I’m on xbox so I don’t have Siptah yet

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