Looks of female char

This game used to have BEAUTIFUL looking chars. Now…oh no! What happened to their eyes? They look like a cookie cutter made two slits and the eyes of Satan are looking out.

I kept re-doing the char but every time it is the same. You can sit and change features in the choices section, but in the end result they ALWAYS look the same (apart from hair and skin tone) looking with sly, mean eyes squinting left and right a a viper.

I am a bit particular with how my char looks since I play A LOT and want to be proud of my char. I cannot be proud of a char that looks into the world like a viper. Sorry.

it’s ok, no worries.

They really need more customization options, and many of us have been pleading for months for them. Characters hardly look any different than when the game entered early access over a year ago (oh wait, now we have an option to be either really toned or super ripped). Certainly I’m not the only one who was expecting more options at launch…


Not to mention every race can look exactly the same as every other race.
Race selection is pointless without some sort of differentiation.

More customization would be very nice.


I know personally I like making them look kinda like my self so it is bad but the worst part is the weight where is the fat people ???

I’m cool without there being fat people.

I swear, if they add fat people, I’m turning into a cannibal.

And a serial killer, obviously.


Fat people should give more meat. xD


Yes the old, fat and uggly whitout locking retardet is werry hard to do whit feamale caracters, in this and all oter games…

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you’re killing me.

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I would not mind if they added more feminine body for the guys too since not all men would be tone and big as fugggg, variety is nice. more short hair styles, more medium hair styles… yes yessss

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if you lived in the exiled lands you would rather at least be skinny if I am correct… but then again someone could have built a great luxurious home and decided “hey, ■■■ it… I can live off this for the rest of my life, grow fat and die of diabetes.”

My wife wants to make an old, short fat man with a giant beard, that’s all she’s asking for. XD

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Better character customization had been a request from the community since about day 1 of EA. I argue that a person will feel a closeness to their character if they really like how he or she turned out during creation. Also, it’s one of the first impressions people get off the game. I have no clue why the devs didn’t put in a little more effort on this. It seems like an easy win.

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Would love to be able to adjust my characters feature after playing for a while. Maybe with some craftable items like potions.

Secondly, I know they won’t do this as they would probably have to re build the whole character models, it would be great if our characters could gain or lose weight based on their diet and activities.

Love the idea of my well built character descending into obesity as I lay about chugging beers while indulging in my harem of dancers.

If you guys only knew how much detail that involves.

I think the issue you’re running into there is the body type is the same. The faces are different from race to race in nose shape, cheek frame, eyes, and lips. But everyone has the same body. So you have a Darfari female with the same body proportions as a Hyborian. IRL that wouldn’t be close to being the case.

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No. Try it out.
I made a Nordheimer and a Darfari look ‘exactly’ the same in the face. And if you check out NPCs in the world, sometimes it’s impossible to tell what race they are from appearance. All races have the exact same options, just different default appearances.

There is no unique features for any race. It is the same face and skin options for all of them. This is a very shallow customization system…

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How about natural breasts? Doesn’t fel right to have silicon breasts. The small breasts look great. But the bigger they get the cheaper they look. Btw forum wont allow the word t1ts. What a strange and twist world we live in now


I did. And they look vastly different.

The only races I have trouble discerning is Darfari and Kambujan from each other (may not be different races since Kambujan is NPC), Nordheimer and Cimmerian from each other, Zingaran and Stygian from each other, and Hyrkanian and Hyborean from each other. And I think Shemite and Vyndyan as well look somewhat similar.

Using extremes like Darfari and Nordheimer is very easy. Flatter noses and wider lips on the Darfari. Even Hyboreans look different from Nordheimer since their faces are skinnier and cheeks show more even if you adjust the width. Nords are rounder.