More hairstyles, more faces, additional body types!

I’d like to advocate for 2 more body types. I was horribly disappointed with character gen overall when I discovered we were stuck with ONE body for each gender. I still feel that was a TERRIBLE place to decide to shortcut. I get that adjusting armors would be a pain and this is much easier for the devs… but it still just sucks. As a compromise they should offer 2 more static body types…a more slender and willowy build for both sexes and a more voluptious/soft build for both men and women. I feel like they would not have to be so wildly different from the base models that making the necessary armor adjustments would be impossible. After all, if the same metal chest piece can STRETCH to accommodate planet sized breasts the same can be done for both wider and narrower hips and shoulders!

Also, for the love of Derketo, give us some new and ATTRACTIVE male faces! Why do they all look like angry dudes in their 50s while all but one of the women look like teenaged swimwear models? PLEASE give us some faces for the men that do away with that ridiculous and ubiquitous heavily furrowed forhead. PLEASE, I’m begging you here. I know quite a few men who refuse to play this game simply because they find the male characters so hideous.

Laslty, it is high time we got a slew of new hairstyles! Seriously, we need at least twenty! But I’ll settle for a dozen! Just PLEASE, enough mowhawks already and give us some delicious and truly LONG hairstyles for men! Yes, like the longest hairstyle you currently have for women! I’m serious!

Lastly, MORE makeup styles for the gals and facial hair for the guys please.


I hope youre not not going to speak ill of skullets next!?! :wink: No in all seriousness though, wouldnt mind a more skinny and chubby sized body options. Not sure how difficult it would or would not be to add though.

Games been up for a while now. We should at least have a hairstylist in Sep City.

I am fine with my face and stuff, but we need a hairstylist. Every other game offers that. Heck…even a DLC with a stylist thrall would be fine. Tier 1 to a named thrall. Named thralls cut your hair faster and have more styles.

Id pay…although it should be in the game already.


It would be nice to have sliders for your body like the ones in Dragon’s Dogma.


I hadnt seen the Dragons Dogma ones until now. These seem to be even better than the ones I was picturing from Fallout 4. All I know is that we have a slider for some ‘assets’ so why not a few others. Heres hoping anyway.


It’s one of my favorite games, but Fallout has a great set-up too. Either way I’d be happy, I’m not sure what is possible with UE. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would love to see this. I haven’t heard anything lately about new content or features in the works. I’m afraid we might see some bug fixes and then they call it a day.

There are limits to stretching so to speak :smiley: Look at what Derketo’s panties become when you run or when you die. As in real life fine clothing is tailored to the wearer. Convection clothing is affortable for a reason.

More face and hair options came up in a Q&A stream, so we at least know they’re aware of the demand. Problem is they “answered” all the questions about that along with questions about being able to change one’s hair and makeup after character creation and they mostly seemed to focus on that while glossing over the need for more options. So it’s anybody’s guess as to whether anything’s actually going to be done about it.

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Wait. What happens to Derketo’s panties when you die?

To add to this. I know we have alchemists who can create warpaint.

If we had a “Appearence Thralls” or “Merchant”. It could be cool to also have them grant permanent Non Functional Warpaint as tattoos.

We coule remove them with Sloughing fluid, which would give it use. As it is right now I dont know of anyone who uses slaughing fluid because the duration of the warpaint is so low anyways.

It wouls give it purpose.

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