Vanity mirror feedback

Very nice addition to the game, but it would be nice to be able to adjust the body type, not only the height. Also, i don’t know if the race has anything to add to the character creation other than RP meaning, but it would be nice to have specific faces related to their race.

The new faces and hairlstyles tough are unaccessible from character creation, but is possible to have them at lvl 45 with the vanity table, i believe this is a bug.

The faces are nice, but kind of cartoonish in my opinion, some of them adds an older looking character, but the bodies are still young, would be nice to have a bodytype that looks old too.

The hairstyles and beards are great, i like them a lot, but i would add more longer hairstyle for the female character.

Edit: Would be nice to have the same amount of freedom movement at character creation to watch the back and the body of the character.


Will it be possible, if you have time, to show the new additions here with some screenshots to us plebs with an almost full ssd… please? :rofl:

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I agree the faces need more work, they look very cartoonish almost like a horror movie or halloween masks. These are after a bit a of tweaking with the face details.

Of course variety is always good and there is nothing wrong with old looking faces but they seem a bit exaggerated.





I don’t see myself using any of the new faces and the last haircut looks pretty bad in game :woman_shrugging:


Ka´ren, Slayer of Managers


Now we know why most Siptah dlc armors have full facemasks :>


@Dakhma and @Narelle thanks so much for posting those. The feces…I mean faces are quite…something…I guess. Well like you said Dakhma, variety is a good even though the choices aren’t looking very im my tastes at all.
The hair looks really nice. I like all of the new styles Narelle, I hope they buff them so they may look better in game on release but what I am seeing is really not bad at all.

Just one more thing, is there no new male faces, beards and hair? I honestly hope there are.

Thanks so much guys for posting these! :black_heart:

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Let me make a male char, stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh my :eyes:
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Again, variety is good.

(edit) I have to admit on thorough viewing, they actually look good. They look like dudes. The facial hair is nothing I would do but still not bad. I think this is a good addition. MOvember is gonna be rockin in Conan! :joy:
Thanks so much!
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eh, they were supposed to be rugged not rubber


Mustashes, hell yes. Gimme that patch soon pliz?

I’m annoyed that the new faces/hairs are only through the vanity placement that requires you to have farmed up to steel and insulated wood. Changing it later should require it, but getting the face and hair your character should have had to begin with after playing for a long while is annoying.

(Tested in Exiled and Siptah, both do not have the new faces/hairs during character creation).

I’m assuming that’s a bug.

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This reminds us of … TIM


Worry not, we are still working on the vanity mirror and the new customization options. You’ll see some of those improvements in our next Testlive patch.

These faces though? You won’t be able to unsee.

You’re welcome.


uh, looks like his parent spent way too much time in maelstrom among all those things


I think I went to school with that guy…

Edit: the clip is better.


If they ever implement sorcery, Tim the Enchanter ought to be the teacher NPC.