Vanity Mirror / Table MAJOR ISSUE

I was hyped for the vanity table as I saw this as a way to hair-dress for different occasions. Although my experience with it has gone horribly wrong.

First thing I noticed after playing around on the Vanity Mirror is there is no “Cancel” option. So I had to redo my character as close as I could remember. Irritating, yes. Game-breaking, no.

For the horror… Using the Vanity Table changed the BODY SETTINGS of my character with no way of reversing this. My character is now very tall when she was quite small and has monstrously big breasts when hers were proportionate.

You can fiddle with character’s face physiology, skin complexity, hair pigment, but height and chest size are not in the option yet are altered if you do anything…

Being a Solo player on a RP server makes this change have a huge impact on my experience. Had I been in a clan, I could’ve recreate my character, go through the labor of leveling up again to “fix” the issue. As of now the Vanity Mirror isn’t working properly.


wrong game forum

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Sorry about putting this for the wrong game forum. Google brought me to the page with “Conan Exiles Bug Report” search. I assumed I was at the right place.

Thank you for bringing up my mistake.

Please add a body slider to vanity mirror. This is frustrating. I lost all the work I did to my character’s body because I decided to mess around with other options for face and tone

same here. Hoping for a quick fix.

While I think the oversight of not having a cancel button is correctly pointed out as a problem, I dont know about the changes to breast size or height, because I have my characters to be all small breast and short in height, and the vanity mirror never changed it.

Perhaps you did not touch the controls of the vanity mirror?

Hey @derfalscher

We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback.


My religion was changed from Set to Mitra as its top on the list, so now i have to spend 50 points just to be able to make more arrows

You know you can learn all religions without spending any points, dont you? Just look for the teachers into the world.

yea i know but i havent found them yet on Isle of Siptah.
It’s still an bug when the mirror changes my religion.

The same is here. Tried to form my wife, and a stupid click on race gave me an alien woman. My wife is going to kill me…:smiley:

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