Vanity mirror what is this!

What happened in test live you could change almost everything height endowment… I just made 1 and was looking at the races now I’m stuck with crap I don’t want and can’t put it back how I want… deplorable. I love how they finally give us something that has been requested for 2 years with a middle finger.

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Did you read the warning label?

Parental Guidance is advised

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Yeah, pretty much a horrible addition in this state. I created one to look at the new haircuts, didn’t like any of them, kept my old and exit the table a foot and a half taller with breasts bigger than my head.

1 star for this hairdresser who instead of trimming my hair injected me with silicone and bone extensions.

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It also happened to me. No warning that you’re changing your avatar in real time with a confirmation message if you want to keep the look. It just does it as you’re browsing. And cuz of the missing Sliders, you cannot go back to how you looked like before even if u wanted. Epic fail lol


i didn’t even get a message…

How are you even playing this game? It’s rated 18+ and judging by your posts in this thread you’re clearly a child.


Hey BoogerParty,

Please respect your fellow Exiles, even if they’re violating the rules. Discussing age is not relevant to this thread.
If you have an issue with a post, you can :white_flag: Flag it.

Guidelines are :pushpin: pinned at the top of relevant (sub)forums.

He just called me a c unt, told Hyborian to blow his mom, but thats your big concern? Nice. I did flag him and also reported him, something the “Chosen of Asura” should have done already.


Seriously? You’re getting on me here?


Hey @JJDancer @BoogerParty,

I am leaving commenting on this user’s posts up to the moderation team. If you think something needs to be flagged, you should flag it. You can not decide for others whether they flag a post, nor is anyone required to say whether they have flagged a post as this may result in personal issues and is unrelevant to the thread.

I try to flag posts where I can and point people at the relevant guidelines. However, in case there are people

  1. spamming posts
  2. continuously reacting inappropriately to people who comment on their post
  3. have had a previous post closed by moderation or Community Support very recently
  4. claiming they will avoid moderation / have created an alt account

I will leave commenting on such posts to the moderation team, as commenting on their posts is more likely to cause a personal issue.
When I tell someone they can flag a post it’s likely I have already considered if I would do so personally and if so, have already flagged it.

did you get participation awards as a child? grow a back bone… flag everything… what a wimp.

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