More options for body types

This is coming from the roleplay side of things rather than the PVP, but I think it would be nice to have more options for player body type, like a male body that’s thin and not a wall of muscle, or a female body that is, or even an option to have a character that’s a little portly?

Again, this is coming from the roleplay side. The additional hair styles and make up and tattoos that have been added are great, just hoping this might be something that comes along as well


If you are on PC, you can use the mod Improved Quality of Life. Chances are any Roleplay server you play on will have it installed. If you’re on console, you’re kind of SoL.

I would like to see this become part of Base game. But there is issues of clipping with different body types and animations. Which is probably why the option is there for mods, but not in the vanilla game itself.

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I would like a dad bod please. Plus a hairy back.

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Hey now, that bod comes with cred. I earned each hair that went from my head to my back thank you very much.


In the year 2022, nearly 2023… I would sure hope adding an additional body type or two is on their short list.

Guess we really just need to wait and see what they do with their new earnings from the battle pass.

Dozens of things need doing, recent funding should see them all done in short order. Hopefully.

Omg, LOL!

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Earned? More like invested. For every one you lose up top, you get 5-10 back. :harold:

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