More character customization options

please add more hair types and colors with more facial features. and body types please. butt slider <3


Anything that adds to character customization has me sold, and yeah, I’d ADORE a butt slider (particularly one that only magnetized the butt area, as opposed to say, if you drag that booty out, the front of the groin area grows in proportion. SO not needed. Just isolate the butt, please! I say this because using IQoL mod for this very purpose does it like that… magnetizing and enlarging the front as well as the back… but it’s better than nothing).

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Yes to all butt related, and mustaches. I aint making no male char untill i have a manly mustache.

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I want an obesity slider… so I can be a short chonk running through the exile lands… some belly jiggle while dancing.

chonky dancer :notes:

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i would like to see that right foot adjusted on my female character so she does not look so pigeon toed as she walks…

and also i would like to see the hair i am choosing from the back as well. so i can tell how long it is

For that you just need to go the options for adjusting size and body looks, you’ll see how long your hair is. Then you can go back choosing another hair style if you want.

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Thank you for this tip!

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