More Body Modification Options

I have been playing the game for a while and love it. I would like to suggest that in character creation there should be more body modification options. I would like to see the length of legs and arms go up and down. My personal preference is a way to modify the shape and size of a character’s buttocks. That’s my wish.


Oh yes! I would absolutely make those cheeks more round, if I could.

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Wait you guys mean like…a buttocks slider…!? Sure.

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Here is a picture of butt shapes and sizes. It can be found at

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If we have an endowment slider and a bust slider, I dont see why not.

What would we call this one, a curve or proportions slider…!?

Caboose slider? :sweat_smile:

If Funcom needs time and money to develop more body modification choices they could make it a DLC and charge US$10 for it.

Or simply make a fundraiser? Make a road map and have us fund it.

That’s a good observation! We are prompted to slide over the looks we want our characters to have, on the front side, only to mainly look at them from the backside in many occasions. :joy:

At least the women have something there, to look at from behind…

Why can’t Funcom develop a way to modify both the butt and clothing? They modify the woman’s top when breast size changes.

I will not try to pretend that I understand the technical aspects of this issue. However, couldnt they just make the pants adjust to the proportions like the tops do for females…?

When they built pants the mesh was probably much more basic to speed up creation times. On top of that, the textures are probably one size, and don’t conform to the body shape. Doing this is a shortcut to speed up work loads and fixing them would take a lot of time. If they went back and changed it, they would have to come up with new meshes and textures for every pant item in the game. Otherwise giving your character a bigger caboose would clip through the pants making them look like chaps.

As for more body modification, this is really a double edged sword, too much and you have stick figures and blobs running around which breaks the immersion of a barbarian fantasy game. Honestly if they offered a body system like Dragons Dogma where you swapped out premade body parts, I would be down for that. That way you could have large and skinny bodys that still fit the aesthetic. It would give people more options without the risk of some comedic immersion breaking looks.

However that would be a B— to program now.

New hairs and stuff like that would be easier.
However as a fellow caboose lover, I feel your pain.

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nothing wrong with azzlezz chaps :slight_smile:

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I’d do something like that. Depending from the potential that is. I don’t like the WoW approach in a way, making everything just bigger in size and all; graphical overlap. Some assimilation is good, but adapting needs to have an impact as well, to balance it out; motion and scarcity variable involvement, details and the like. Depends what I’m asked to design and what for.

Hey peoples I have another possible approach in mind, and I am wondering if it would be well…possible. If it would be hard to code changes to the characters body because of the pants mesh, how about this. Could we possibly build a few sets of unique armour or clothing, aesthetically pleasing ones of course, which when equipped give the appearance of a more shapely but while worn? But then make it reverts to its normal appearance when the said piece is removed. Would this work, yay or nay?

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@Croms_Faithful like a bikini? I am up for a new DLC.

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Honestly Sestus I just meant a new type of armour which provides a fake enhancement to physique when worn, to compensate for the seeming improbability of a buttocks slider. However, it would be possible, especially if we were to utilise Red Sonja’s chain mail bikini outfit. :star_struck:

Edit: like this…

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You know I have not watched that movie in years must watch again. I got what you where talking about could not help myself about bikini

Yeah its been a long while now since I have seen it myself and also must rewatch it. There has been talk of a remake for a number of years now, but last I heard it was still in limbo. Cheeky blighter.

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it was to be done by Bryan Singer, but with all the claims of sexual misconduct he keeps getting, they shelved it. that is the last i heard of it.