So about npc body types

I love how the npcs have different skins, features, hair styles, etc. But as a collector in games, in a way I wish we also had buxom bums rears npc like we do with breasts npcs. Maybe I am used to playing this other game that has that option but as a bums guy, I get jealous seeing my friends who are breasts fans enjoy their stuff. Just a suggestion as someone who invest money and time on the game I love alot. Hopefully my bums brother and sisters agree. Peace.


I’d like to see more overall base game adjustability as well.


Thighs too please. Thick booty and thighs. :+1:t2::tumbler_glass:


We definitely can agree on that! :beers:

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I first read the title, and tought it would be interesting indeed to have many shapes of bodies, tall, small, fat or skinny… But then, theeeen, I read the post.

That ending got the best of me :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You are all killing me :rofl:


These would be a nice addition too. :+1:t2:

I believe one of the main reasons this isn’t really in the base game is due to the clipping issues it has with armor. When there is a clipping issue in a modded client, the player can make adjustments or live with it.

When there is a clipping issue in the vanilla game, it is entirely on the developer to fix it. That’s a quite a bit of effort.

With that said I wouldn’t mind a conservative amount of body adjustments that likely wouldn’t cause clipping. For example, our characters are quite built, and when made smaller, I’ve seen very little if any clipping on armors because of it. So if they allowed some more customization, they could allow for slighter builds with no issue and maybe a bit in the other direction to a limited extent.

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