Add More Body Types

I know this has been suggested many times, but I still need to get my $.02 in and I’ll make it quick and list types.

Men: fat and skinny
Women: bodybuilder, fat and skinny


And more hair styles too. Why we must use mods…


Especially the hair styles


Yeah more body types to chose from would be really cool, especially for RP servers this would be great.


Body types will probably not happen. Would mean having to make armor changes for each.

Hairs styles yes. I would also like more beards. I want the Cast Away/prospector unkempt beard.


Why not? I mean isnt it amazing that mods is there?

Better for FC getting their game going instead of adding hairstyles and bodytypes, leave that job for the mod creators.

it can be good.

Mods are fun. But please tell me how to install mods on PS4?
In fact, in some Sepermeru, there is not enough NPCs with the ability to edit their appearance (or just hair and makeup). Even for a high price, but to have this opportunity.
In general, yes, the game lacks the number of hairstyles and body kits.
PS Although I admit that different physiques, this is even more load on the hard disk and the server, in an already poorly optimized game


Unfortunately mods are not for us Ps4 or console players road to excitement.


If modding was possible for PS4 (like Fallout4) I’d probably still play this game, in my experience with FO4 mods not only improved game immersion and diversification, but also improved or often fixed issues and glitches.
As for what I know only Bethesda’s game (Fallout and skyrim) managed to get a sort of (limited) modding options, I can only speculate why and would not be relevant in this discussion.
But I would return to the game if modding was possibile on consoles too…

(by the way: I’m still playing fallout 4 exactly for this motivation)


I can’t even guess the hours spent with Fallout 4 and Skyrim on ps3 and ps4

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Hi there vonVile. I personally agree with your calls for more body types, in addition more hair and beard styles as other members have already stated. Unfortunately it is unlikely to happen. If I remember correctly it was an issue with the cothing/armor meshes.

However as listed on the official Wiki listed Here there is ‘Character customization post-character creation’ options in the works. So while its is more likely customisable hair/beard styles, there is still a slim possibility that there is some body customisation options in there too.

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Even with all (AAALLLL) bugs and glitches I still have fun making settlements around the Commonwealth, and with the right mods you can build anywhere… just like Conan.
And the FO4’s settlement mode always appeared more lively than the “mannequin” settlements in CE.
At least in the vanilla base game all those thralls, and pets standing there like… just standing there; pets not even lying down as they could.
Always felt soo much un-immersive…
That’s why in the end I was only playing small camps with minimum things: I love essential small hideouts, not a big an of empires, especially if those big cities are populated by… standing people!

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We learned to get all the dlcs area open opened up before starting main quest. And save often. Normally building on Spectical Island.

Yes its true u can play skyrim and fo4 on ps4 with mods.
It would a dream if this was real in ps4 for CE.


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