Bring Mods to Console

Bring mods to PS4. I love watching YouTube Conan Exiles PC players. I love how their game is completely different than ours on the PS4. I love the map locations, I’ve been to on the pS4, that don’t exist on PC and vice versa. I love how PC has so many more customizable options, we’ll never see on console… starting to see a trend here? Please bring Mods to console…


Not really possible as, I believe, every mod would have to go through certification, Not to mention that the challenges of programming mods for consoles would not be worth it to most mod authors.

Only way we’ll get mods in Conan is if Funcom builds them into the game.

Skyrim is one of the few games I know that allows mods on the PS4, and most of the best aren’t allowed, because Sony are jerkoffs about that sort of thing.

It actually is possible but probably would only be available for private servers. Client and Server both have to have the same mod installed. It would be nice to go to a private server with mods enabled and have a prompt of required mods that would automatically start downloading after accepting.

I have heard of client side mods that only affect appearances that don’t require server mods to be in place. It wouldn’t allow new items or mechanics. So basically skins for characters/npcs, armor, and weapons.

Someone PLEASE correct me if I am wrong/ill-informed.

Unreal engine makes no difference between client side mods and server side mods… All mods has to be installed on the server and on the clients in the same order. You can do it manually or you can do it automatically via activating the mod Downloader in the Conan Exiles setup.
Mods are only possible for pc not for PlayStation or Xbox.

I can just see a Sony exec sitting at a desk somewhere saying “HELL NO” to some of the mods available on PC being ported over to PS4 in the US market.


Nothing that changes their skins, or to be used to make characters fully nude, I can tell you that already.

Pretty much ALL of the better skin textures in Skyrim were not allowed to come to the PS4 version, even the ones that had no nudity at all.

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Regardless of all of this I think it’s safe to say that it’s not going to happen and in the unlikelihood that it does it will be slim pickings.


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It would be great if we could have mods on ps4 @RabidChimp805. Unfortunately I have serious doubts that it will ever come to pass.

There arent many thats for certain. One other game which has them and comes to mind from my own library is Farming Simulator 2017.

Its embarrasing bad the selection of Skyrim mods available compared to Xb1 and PC. Sonys policy towards Skyrims mods was “no external assets”, so the lions share of ‘mods’ are kind of same old. However, Im not sure how this sort of thing works, but many of Bethesdas Creation Club mods are not simply recycled assets.

I have previously read that this policy was a result of the playstation database being hacked back in 2011, although I can not claim this with certainty.


Waste of time. Sony doesn’t allow external assets because well they suck at security and they didn’t allow this for skyrim and fallout 4 so don’t expect Sony to allow this on PS4 but xbox one has this on skyrim and fallout 4 I believe but skyrim for sure, conan exiles if it’s on xbox it will allow mods. Don’t expect Sony to do this until it affects their bottom line. But internal asset mods are used on skyrim ps4 but they suck. So good luck.

PC maybe the master race sure but not everyone has that type of money. So buy me a computer to join this race?:kissing_closed_eyes:

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Give it time it will affect there bottom line when Xbox is making massive more cash due to all games on xbox allowing mods eventually, there security experts suck so this is why they don’t allow it they are afraid of being hacked again.

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Lol their security was pretty bad back then but part of the reason why was upper management refusing to invest in changes/things experts were telling them then. Sony is a wealthy company and yet they still refuse to invest in the right infrastructure/technologies which is why you see the Microsoft technology partnership

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I’m kinda going to side track this and talk about hacks. I read and see many videos on hacks in our game; however, I don’t think the people doing the complaints realize, admin mode let’s you cheat. In fact, this game encourage cheating g as its right there in the settings… give all cheats to all players. I also hear/read, the PS4 is un-hackable, well, whether it is or not, cheating is allowed and often abused in private servers. I digress to bring mods to console… If hacks are getting by… then it stands to reason, logically, Mods could be leaked in?

There are hundreds of mods for Fallout 4 on Xbox.

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Funcoms official stance is they have no plans to bring modding to consoles. Its been discussed a lot, and that’s been their answer for a while. Sorry :frowning:

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Funcom could purchase mods (through contacts) from mod creators then sell them as dlc on console stores this way they choose what’s best to bring over to us … this in turn makes them money and keeps the game fresh and alive for us win-win here

They tried that with Pippi mod. The mod developers refused.

For Fallout 4, mods has less restrictions on Xbox than on Playstation.
There’s no certification process for mods on Xbox.
I modded myself.

I can honestly say having mods on Fallout 4 on Xbox made me play a ton more than I would without them.
Sim Settlements, True Storms, Place Anywhere, armor/weapon thingy me bob, etc.
So much awesome stuff created by fans of the game.

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If this is true, then it is very sad… I would readily jump on an opportunity to provide something like that! It would be an honor to have the developers of a game asking for rights to be able to make use of my efforts. I assume compensation was offered. Unless pc prejudice was at play, it doesn’t make sense.