Can we get a new subject category for mods?

Every day new mods are being created for Conan Exiles. Can we get a subject category for mod fans that is not Steam Workshop specific?


Sure! But first list all ps4 mods. There are ZERO.

Yep, good idea!
Would be nice to be able to discuss mods and ask other modders for advice!

That have said it before, it won’t come any mods to console… this is not funcomes fault. They can’t because Sony or Microsoft will never allow third party codes on there consoles.

actually it is a possibility if you look at fallout 4 and skyrim, there would just be limitations to what mods we can get on console, a limit to the amount of mods we can have and a limit for the space for mods… going off fallout 4 and skyrim mods playstion may not allow external assets like what they did with fallout 4 and skyrim