Mods on console or add some of the things that mods have added

consider bringing mods to console. both fallout 4 and elder scrolls 5 skyrim allow mods on console, or add some of the things that mods have added like some of the decor and placeable items.

i play single player/co op on the xbox one and i tend to build a city as a main base. adding some of the things some mods have add would add some much needed life to my city.


some examples placeable food and drinks, tools, weapons and armor, coins and other resources.
adding a tarven bar/bench - serves food and drinks
merchants to sell, buy and trade items
table top lanterns and maps
new thralls miner, lumberjack forager and hunter
i posted this before but also khitans thralls would be cool to have in game.

since i got more support i thought i would elaborate more on the post above. this is a wish list if mods can’t be brought over to console. will add to this over, feel free to add your own ideas on thoughts.
wish list:

  • first would be a higher level cap, maybe cap the level at 100
  • the ability to sleep in beds to pass time, ie: from night to day.
  • more customisation option for character creation, ie: more hairstyles, facial hair and hair colours.
  • ability to access the inventory of craftsmen to change their outfits.
  • ability to customise certain placeables, ie: banners, flags, rugs carpet etc…change their colour or even the picture…
  • Bar/tarven - would work like crafting stations, serves food and drinks, can place thrall inside.
  • more thrall types:
  • hunter - hunts and harvests animals
  • miner - mines stone and ore
  • lumberjack - harvest wood, branches and bark
  • forager - harvests plants and edibles
  • siege master/operator - operates siege weapons
  • potential buddy system: buddy you create/customise and name in the beginning of the game will follow you around levels up with the player, has inventory like player, you can assign attribute points as you see fit, possible lock gender to opposite of player. can free your buddy from cross after conan frees you. would give a reason for why buddy follows you…

great idea friend, I support you.

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Just look at what Sim Settlements did to Fallout 4.
There are many other great mods for that game as well of course, but that one is just so well done and game changing.
I still play Fallout today due to mods.

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hard out i still play fallout 4 and skyrim due to mods, i have seen some really good mods for conan exiles.

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thanks if i get more support for this i may go a bit more in details for the examples i listed above or if i get a message asking me to

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I’m a Mod Author, and I can tell you that it’s not “plug and play” converting PC mods to Xbox or PS4, so it’s much easier said then done, especially for the Mod Authors themselves. WIth that said, if this option became available, I know that I would do my best to convert my mods for console use the best that I could!


Thanks Multigun. due to playing fallout 4 and skyrim on the xbox one which both games are modded, i know it is harder then it looks to get your mods converted to console. it would be great if this does become an option in the future, as i play single player/co op and i’m building a large city. mods would help fill my city and give it life

The difficulty depends a lot on the ecosystem of the game, of which I have no clue in regards to Conan Exiles.
I made several mods for Fallout 4 though, and the tooling around it was a pretty smooth experience.
There were limitations on Xbox, but Playstation had it worse.
And for PC you had the most possibilities naturally.

To be honest though, I doubt we’ll ever see mods for consoles.
It’s a PC first game, and there are so many things that still need to get sorted.

Hard Work pays off in the end

I would definitely like to see mods on Conan for the Xbox One or at least see items from these mods make it into the game.

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that’s cool. yeah xbox one had far less restrictions than ps4. due to my play-style and playing mainly in single player/ co op it would be great to have mods if not mods then similar things that have been added by mods, like higher level cap, more placeable items. and more thrall types would make my city feel lived in… i would be happy with either option… but in saying i still enjoy conan as it is

many developers have not done. That’s too bad. I wanted to see Conan is a bit similar to Skyrim. I’m glad I supported you.

thanks for the support mate, yeah i have noticed that conan is similar to skyrim in some aspects

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