Free to play Mods on consoles



I believe that many console gamers would like to have the option of free to play mods. For both multiplayer and single player servers.


Yes I would pay for it if it works. Be fine on private server Sony???


Having mods on consoles would be cool but unfortunately very difficult to implement. :frowning:


Still possible, right? To give each individual player a limited amount of memory to download and organize posted mods on their console, through a mod menu. Having access to body, outfits, weapons, and maybe retexture mods would be awesome even if it would be limited.


It’s doable but difficult because sony does not want external assets in the PS4 games, the only way one can mod it is to allow the option to edit enemies, weapons/ armor, building parts, heck you can make new enemy variations, weapon/ armor variations, but you will have to use the assets that are originally in the game… However from what I witnessed with modded PS4 skyrim; you can change the textures that are used in the game and change the appearances of the stuff that you produce in the game; kinda like what was done with the equipment/ dragons in PS4 skyrim. It would be pretty cool to see players making custom baddies with the assets that are in the game and see what kind of fun can happen, also being able to alter the spawns/spawn encounter list/ purge spawn list would be nice, but to be able to do all of this; this game is gonna need a editor like feature to the game; kinda like the skyrim creation kit which was used for making mods.

I forgot to mention that with PS4 Skyrim it was possible to use the scripts that are in the game as well; which allowed a multiple followers mod to be made thus they were able to have 5 companions travel with you. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Sony not allowing external assets… I hope one day they get over themselves and allow it, so far they are starting to open up to cross play; which is a sign of progress which is a good thing.


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