There will be mods on platforms

good is saved if in private server. ps4 are going to put the mods

i def want mods on ps4, but with sony and its no custome scripting i dont see anything but basic asset additions being a thing

fallout 4, skyrim have a good amount of console mods, there is some limitations but main one is 200mb for mods if i remember it right

never once reaches that limit so its not a big deal, the problem is the scripting, almost all mods good ones anyways require it, for example, they cant add outside assets for fo4, so no m16s or anything like that

i’ve read a bunch of info right now, didn’t expect that modding was so much f*ed up on PS4, almost no reason for it to exist. But policy may be rewatched if more games will have modding available

yea its sony trying to milk more moneyy out of the devs i think, they claim its cause they dont weant their ode cracked but we all know thats a lie

That’s what almost monopoly do to the console vendors, meanwhile X1 is unlimited just to catch modding people :slight_smile:

playstation have more limitations for mods than xbox, playstation doesn’t allow external assets. fallout 4 is 2gb for mods on xbox and skyrim is 5gb for mods on xbox. and the is a mod limit not sure what the limit is on ps4 but xbox is 150 mod limit for both fallout 4 and skyrim

It’s Sony it’s to be expected even if they did allow mods it would end up being a selected few that you have to pay for while everyone else gets them free.