Ps4 Mods are really (im)possible?

Don’t know if this is the right section to ask for this but…

Will it ever be possibile to have (maybe even in a limited variety as it is for Fallout 4) mods for PS4 players too?
I was “arguing” with a friend about this some days ago and he was of the idea that it would not be possible in Conan Exiles, due to online gaming.
I’m not into online adventures 'cause my web-line well, not realistically solid to navigate and play online, but was wondering if there is a chance to have some modding in the future.

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Hey there,

There’s currently no plans to bring mod capabilities on consoles due to hardware and platform limitations.

Mods for console is completely down to Microsoft/Sony to allow it, they are currently only doing it on a game by game basis.

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