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If the new map is being built separately from the current map it should allow mods for consoles … I believe if Funcom adds this feature the game would last for yrs because mods will keep the game fresh and players will be more active on servers

Allowing mods for consoles isn’t a flip of a switch. It’s not like Funcom has decided not to allow mods for consoles in the base game just for the heck of it.

I’m afraid I don’t know the details of the technical side or how Microsoft and Sony manage mods on their products, but someone more knowledgeable on those matters will surely pop in and explain in further detail.

Yeah, it’s mostly the console producers that allow or disallow mods on their platforms. And even in games like Fallout 4 where mods are allowed, they are not free like on PC, they are still selected by the console creators partially and don’t allow many things, most mods there are the typical “most downloaded family friendly mods from the Nexus / Bethesda Workshop site”.
Also, many mods can cause problems with the console’s hardware restrictions, making the game crash (even more) and cause serious stability issues since you can’t simply upgrade your console like you can upgrade a PC.
I for example bought a new set of RAM just to be able to use more mods (Only had 8 GB and CE started to crash more often due to using too much, so I bought another 8 and now it runs fine with even more mods).

As far as I know, even things like PTR / TestLive servers are a problem due to their update publishing guidelines which is why they don’t allow these either.

I remember a few comments that the game is starting to take up too much space on consoles. Adding mods will probably make the problem worse. :sneezing_face:

The mods would have to be certified. Then they would have to be re certified after the mod creator updates it with every major patch. OR Funcom would have to take over the mod, and make sure it was updated. So true mods will never really work on a console. Too many logistical nightmares of who fixes what if the mod breaks something.

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Well funcom could start a funcom creation club then

Not to be dramatic, but I would rather die than see the day that comes to pass.

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Or Conan Exiles Creation Club something similar of what Bethesda did

@Jimbo so I guess no mods for consoles in any type of form I’m gathering … but seriously think if you get a job it wouldn’t be a problem

The modders that has there things on creation club get paid and there just like dlc’s that you pay for and it’s optional you don’t have to buy them if not interested

I have a job, and I get paid quite well. But when you have some monstrosity such as you suggest, you’re essentially suggesting they publish some bootleg poor quality third party micro-DLCs for a predatory middleman currency. I speak also as a Bethesda fan, and the creation club was an absolute dumpster fire for them. Keep it away at all costs.

I personally think the creation club is pretty good and in truth modders and Bethesda made money off it

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@Jimbo are you a console user?

No, I play on PC. But even if I did play on console, I wouldn’t want some half baked attempt at mod support that’s actually just way overpriced small additions.

I bought most of the stuff on creation club there actually pretty good I really like the armors and player homes I don’t think they are half baked like your saying

There is no certification really but Microsoft is laid back however Sony is bad almost all mods are not allowed in some cases there not allowed at all which does help not console players how ever Xbox has a strict limit on how much space for mods you can have but depends on game the creation club was nice for console happy but pc no need give mass freedom but it would be unfair to not offer for pc so it was nice for ps4 massively Xbox great pc ehhh

I had to save all of my game saves to a thumb drive and delete all other non Conan related stuff from my PS4 console (1st edition) because the lag was horrible, that seemed to have fixed the lag for the time being.

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