Community made mods

There are some real nice mods available for this game. I ask myself, why Funcom doesnt try to implement some of the most popular mods into the game?

I think some mod creators would love to have their stuff adapted into the game, and this could be a very interesting event and marketing for the game itself. We could have sort of regular contest, where mod designers would offer their mods to Funcom and the community could vote for them, whichever mod wins gets implemented into the game.

Its a crazy idea, I know, but something interesting could come from this concept.


They were asked in one of the streams some months back. I forget which, so no link sorry. I’m sure @Multigun wrote about it in his (excellent) summaries somewhere, so shouldn’t be too hard to find. From memory, the gist of it seems to be they didn’t feel like stealing those mod makers’ thunder, as I believe they put it.

There’s also a bunch of potential other issues, things that are acceptable in a mod but wouldn’t do if Funcom were to do it:

  • Do the mods perform well, or do you start excluding people (like consoles) by adding this mod?
  • Is the quality high enough, ie does it mesh well enough with the base game so that it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb?
  • If there are visual/audio (or even code) assets in there, can Funcom be sure the modder in question had the rights to them all? Distributing in a commercial product vs using in a free mod is a different use case. The modder may say so, they may think so, but they (Funcom) can’t easily be sure - ie it may well be more worth than the mod is worth to ensure it’s legal for them to use it
  • Is the mod popular enough that the vast, vast majority will welcome its inclusion in the game?

Destination - Modintegration

nope its not crazy idea. its genial /u stole it from me, i wanted write this here today xD/

Being a console player, if the mods were ever incorporated, why wouldn’t it flow down? From the tenor of your writing it implies that the inclusion of mods into the official CE computer game wouldn’t be carried over into the consoles. Would this be system issues? As in the consoles are already dragging to play CE and would not be able to handle the additional load? Sorry, but being a console player on the forum feels like a child looking into a shop thru the windows sometimes.

I honestly dont know how this game runs on consoles - so I cant take part in discussing this.
However, I do experience a ton more lags with mods, so having this in the base game… Idk.

If such a thing was to happen, I would prefer to have them do a poll.
Which by the way calls for:

Please add a lil something which sends people to a poll so you can do these if you want to get to know what the majority would like. To be accessed in main menu.

Mods are a niche thing.

I know you have a strong dislike of mods, but they are hardly a niche. Once the auto mod downloader is added into live, the already huge population of players who play with mods will only go up.

As for the subject, it’s been suggested dozens of times and there are far too many reasons why it won’t happen. Across the industry this is not something that happens very often, extremely rare. I can only think of a couple of instances of it ever happening.

Now a company (any company) hiring a modder to do some work to add to the official game, oh ya totally. Has happened with games in the past and will do so again. If I headed a company, there are several modders in our own community I would be eyeing, seriously we are spoiled with the work our modding community does, for completely free on their own time and dime.


No, my point was if any mods were included in the base game they WOULD be included on consoles also, which as you also note, they’d then have to be able to handle. Which is not a given since, like it or not, consoles compare to a low-end gaming PC at best.

Yeah, I understand. I play exclusively on official servers (albeit on PC) which leaves me in the same boat as you in that regard. However, I will say that access to mods (when I want them) is one of the main reasons I remain a PC player.

I think so, conan feels more complete and full, at least than skyrim/fallout when 80%pc games are moded cus feels empty

when somone dont like some features, they just dont use it/ignore, u dont like planters u dont use it(example…)

i saw farming mod, ie. add advanced farming, Mill or stuff like that, Maybe not all Will use it, but stil its bonus features, and Who dont like more features

Let There be mods

Funcom already integrated mods in this game, for example 90% of the mod Pythagoras was taken over in this game (rooftiles and other things). Many of the suggestions the players giving for this game are fulfilled by modders not by the game now, for example armorstands. Mods show us what’s possible with this game. Mods are a huge source of Innovation. And @Shadoza this Game isn’t complete, not at all.

Well there’s a new definition for irony: being on a forum yet refusing to have your opinion challenged.

Ofcourse I will leave it to you, I accept your opinion. But I disagree with it as you disagree with mine.

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