Mods used Officially?

Why doesn’t funcom look at some of the most used and best made mods and buy them from the developer to make them available for the game officially? I was just looking at a few like lock picking and that would improve the game immensely!


They do not buy mods but they take most popular functionality and modify the game to incorporate it. I remember “Running with scissors” for example (running with weapons in hand), “Drag Thralls in water” or Emberlight “Horticulture”. Funcom developed it’s own code for those functions, of course.

Hm. That’s kinda lame, why not give the modder his dues for having a great idea. Even Bethesda realized that’s more fare than to just rip it.

I feal like it would be more time efficient and cost effective to just buy the mod and script than to have a small team steal ideas that seem the most prevelant.

Too much legal nonsense to have to deal with.

And for the PS4 Sony has to sign off on the mod. And they don’t allow external assets. Which means no scripts. Which is why Skyrim Special Edition has access to only a limited amount of mods.

And most of the mod ideas are probably also already things that were suggested here on the forums. And anything suggested is something that can be used freely. Regardless of whether a modder implements the suggestion first.

Modders do not always think about safety of their code. They don’t have QA department you know. You may use mods at your own risk or play vanilla. But there are enough bugs in vanilla so no one will add untested code or scripts to it to get some more.

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