Is FC taking ideas from mods too? Yes and I'm fine with that, now that it's been explicitly said!

Glad to Dennis Douthett (Lead Designer) for being very honest about ideas taken from mods, finally!
I hope that in the future there may also be a credit towards those mods and their authors, a simple credit which is a lot for an author and costs nothing to Funcom.

Dennis Douthett said: “I know a lot of people will point out hey you’re just doing things mods are doing, why are you just stealing from mods and making that part of the game, do something different.
A really big part of that over half of our player play on consoles so they don’t even have access to mods as it is right now and adding mods to consoles is something I would absolutely love to do but right now because the game uses so much memory it would be literally impossible
Over time we’ve been working to get that memory footprint down more and more so it’s not a huge stretch to say that maybe sometime in the future it could be possible to have mods on consoles but for the time being, mods are this great opportunity for us as developers to look at things people want in our game because we see that they’re literally making it and using it and then you know we can use that as information to, you know, condense and mull over and decide what of that we give to everybody, just to make the base experience better for everyone.”


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