More sliders to customize character


You will add more sliders to customize character?


If I remember right they did say they will add more things there. But I can be completely wrong


It would be great to have more sliders, as it is rather restrictive at the moment. Not bad, just not a whole lot of options, so you end up looking like a lot of thralls and other characters.



Why bother with sliders and options! There is only one true character.


Us girls definitely need options for pubic hair!


Yeah, I remember when “physique” was still disabled and I thought it would change the size/shapes of the muscles or maybe even make the guy a little more skinny or maybe a little fat but I was pretty disappointed when all it did was change the intensity of the muscles normals, which is kinda lame since funcom already did a awesome job in AoCs character creation…


I really like the option used in Elder Scrolls Online where the cursor in the triangle can be moved towards one of three types (morphing to one degree or another) to incorporate features without having to rely solely on sliders. Some of us aren’t that skilled, but we can move a cursor around to get results close to what we are aiming for.


and NO makeup, I was amazed how many bleach bottle blondes there are in CE.
Girls, the drapes are sposed to match the carpet!


That Elder Scrolls Online triangle was in Age of Conan 10 years ago. :slight_smile: I would also love that but they said there’s not gonna be any slider because it will mess the armor mesh. Or something like that.


I’d still love to see some additional hairstyles become available. Especially like some of the ones proposed in the concept art.

Some of the in-game hairstyles we have are similar to these, but additional variation would be amazing.

Edited: Included link to image of concept female hairstyles


I wish I had the straight edge one for my male character, actually, I wish the hairs were not gender-locked at all…


I hope they add more facial hair options, in particular Fu Manchu style mustaches for Hyrkanian characters.


I hope they first fix the ones actually in the game so they don`t look like ■■■■ first.


An eye height and mouth width slider would be nice.

Those are VERY powerful sliders that can make a character look young or mature at a fundamental level.


I would also vote for more Charakter variaty.


Glad to hear that there are some who are in agreement!


Even if im not into those Asian Grindfests, but this has by far the best Charakter Creator, a shame we dont have something that detailed in Conan :confused:


Insane! Agree that it should be a better choise. Specially on the body and hair psrt. The things that actually people can see from some distance. At least possible to be fat and really short if you want that


Part of a game’s char-gen is dictated by how the characters themselves are set up. A lot of it depends on the character rig for the player’s model as some games use methods like simply scaling up or rotating bones on the skeleton in different directions.

Don’t forget that they only just recently put in a facial control rig for the new opening cinematic. Given all those new little controller nodes on the face it should be possible to better expand the editing options, but doing so would need them to go in and make all the new sliders with restrictions on the editing range (so you don’t end up making eldritch horrors like you could when fiddling with sliders in Oblivion). I don’t fully know what method exactly Funcom used to set up the char-gen system though, so this is ultimately all a bunch of arm-chair quarterbacking.


I agree with your point that it’s doubtful we’re going to see a bunch of new sliders, but I don’t think things like additional hairstyles are too much to ask for.