Please keep working on the character models!

It’s really disappointing that ALL the male faces look like they are in their late 50s or older and all the female faces (with ONE exception) look like twenty-somethings. The worst offender on the males is that ridiculous and overly pronounced forehead furrow. Can you PLEASE give us some options where that is smoothed out? I’m begging you here!

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Really? The rest of you don’t mind this? I know men who refuse to play this game simply because they find the male characters so hideous.

I don’t mind if you ask me. You can only see your character’s face if you press V and rotate your camera.
But then again I’m playing a female character because I find them more aestetically pleasing. Dem curves

And the running animation, is so better in female models.

Running AND walking is better for females than males… except for that freakishly stiff right arm the girls have. Also…I’d like to advocate for 2 more body types. I was horribly disappointed with character gen overall when I discovered we were stuck with ONE body for each gender. I still feel that was a TERRIBLE place to decide to shortcut. I get that adjusting armors would be a pain and this is much easier for the devs… but it still just sucks. As a compromise they should offer 2 more static body types…a more slender and willowy build for both sexes and a more voluptious/soft build for both men and women. I feel like they would not have to be so wildly different from the base models that making the necessary armor adjustments would be impossible. After all, if the same metal chest piece can STRETCH to accommodate planet sized breasts the same can be done for both wider and narrower hips and shoulders!


I’m laughing, but I agree. I could even see that in choosing a body shape you gain some characteristic ( 3 to 5 points?) in order to make us more individual. So a heavier frame might begin with a small amount of strength, and a lighter frame may begin with some agility. A medium frame may have the same points more evenly distributed. That’s just for fun though.

We could have movements shaped by the points we spend on attributes, meaning we would have 6 different stances being blend in each other depending how deep we go on each tree.

Like for exemple, when the character is lvl 1, your stance is the existing one, then when leveling, each point will lean to the stance of the choosen Tree, lets say in STR the character stance will be brute/berzerker, and AGI the ninja/monk, so if you go for 50th points in STR, you will have 100% Brute stance, but if you mix both, like 30/30, you will have some of the both mixed.

This would add a whole level of personalization for characters, and we could guess what type of fighter a player is just seeing his moves. (although armor do this aswell).