PLEASE allow for skinny/less muscular males

Please. Pretty please. I’d like to not look like the hulk for a while.


I agree, and would like to acknowledge how much I would appreciate further improvement of our character creation system.

Fat/Skinny slider please. The current “toned” slider does not count.

To be more specific, it is almost 2019. We have the technology and have had it for years to allows this. I know it’s a shortcut that made things easier for you to design armors and such. And with a smaller department to work with, it seemed like a great shortcut.

But, please at least put this in the “eventually” category. There are quite a few “basics” that conan exiles is missing, chief among these is mounts, another example would be “fat slider”.

So while it is not of the utmost importance, it’s definitely one of those things you could do to really improve (some) peoples appreciation of the game.

Simple example. I like thick women. My wife likes skinny men. Neither of us are satisfied with the current player models. (While they are very nice, and look great, and the combat system is amazing)

Even a slight adjustment would be appreciated. I don’t need to play a 600 lb ape, and my wife does not need to play slender man. But, some basic adjustment could be great!

Also, while you are at it, make Endowment potion affect both genders. TY.


I know that a whole bunch of sliders is probably too much to ask for, but yeah at least a skinny option for guys would be cool. I don’t usually play male characters in games, but when I do I tend to prefer to look more like my actual skinny self rather than a hypermacho slab of beef with a face.


I am a huge bodybuilder so i thought the character models where neat, but i can see the appeal of seeing different people in the world.

Personally couldn’t care less about something like this. I mean okay, the amount of lobsters my character eats, he should be fatter than Sherman Klump (even with his rigorous workout routine!), but it’s fine. Considering none of the armors were likely made with this in mind, it’d be an inordinate amount of work for a (IMO) very niche feature.


I like this too, I’m not exactly beefy myself so it would be interesting to see different kind of people to make it more realistic.

I dont think I’ve seen any ugly and fat main characters in video games. This is an old cliche used since early games, men are strong, well toned and handsome, whole ladies are also sexy and beatiful. Not much realism in video games in this aspect, though in this kind of games that pretend to be immersive, it would be a nice change. All males I come across are perfect bodied, though some can be considered not that handsome…

Something like a triangle slider like in Saints Row 3-4 would be cool.

Leisure Suit Larry says hi.

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Wasn’t he sort of the skinny type?, at least in the Sierra game when he was a Sprite. :blush:

A bit of a paunch at least at times, but okay - “fat” is probably not true, and “ugly” might be pushing it too, but still a far cry from “traditionally handsome” (rugged or otherwise), which most other male characters tend towards.

I personally don’t want to play a fat and/or ugly person, in ANY game. It’s not attractive IRL and it’s not attractive here. If I have to look at my character, for any length of time, I don’t want to be disgusted, unless that’s the point of the game. And that’s not the point of Conan. The only situation for fat people in Conan would be actual slave drivers or politicians, who ate like kings and did no work. Skinny people would be the result of undernourishment in a world of complete physical labor and combat.


Mario says “Its a me!”


Exactly how I do it… I’ve only played female in this game, and the one thing that’d make me try something different (hence also come back to the game, since I’m on an extended hiatus from it right now) would be if i could actually make a regular looking guy, musclewise, rather than an absolute bloody beefcake of a man.

I would really really like my character to look like a short fat dwarf like all the books and movies we have seen. More diversity would be fun.

Yea would be cool to have different body types. I would also like to play a fat dude. :smiley:

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An excellent suggestion in my opinion. Older/younger, muscled/leaner character generation (male and female) options are excellent ideas if practical. Even if FunCom just made the generation sliders wider, it would make a real difference. I have read all of the Conan books. The vast majority of characters are not muscled up ‘Conans’ .
(I am sure that the very hard-working developers have plenty free time on their hands… lol)

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Definetely a really good idea.
But not only for males, also women could have less muscular body types.
The addition of scars for example should be a nice setting too.
More hair styles and the possibility of having younger and older characters.

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What about the boobies when they big cos they look like breasts implants, boobies aren’t round and stick outwards they sort of U shaped and downwards. Currently the big ones look like bazookas.

Maybe add a slight chunky belly rather a six pac.