Additional Character Body Types

This subject has come up before, but worth a mention again - 'cause I want it. Now! :slight_smile:

FunCom, having wider body-type options for characters would be an attractive option. Not the rubbish some other survival games offer, but simply allowing non-muscled characters into the game. The Conan books have thieves for example: not often muscled and more along the very lean. Also, plus-size people: Sultans and Sultanas are not always muscled men or lithe warrior-women.

These alternate body types could have positives and negatives: slim and lithe = higher agility and lower strength or encumbrance; plus-sized = plus hammer-damage or body-slam damage, and less on the stamina and more fall damage.

I imagine it would be a case of increasing the Physique scalars…?

I know I can make a million such changes via PIPPI, but it might be interesting if this kind of stuff could be included? @Tascha :pray: lol


There was also a master thief, Taurus, in the original Conan stories, who was described as an overweight guy. The other master thief, Shevatas, was more of the wiry type.

But I guess when they take your family and your riches, then your health and your pride, you’re bound to lose some weight so when you eventually end up hanging from a piece of furniture you’ve lost most of what life in luxury had collected around your waist. Those who survive to become Exiles probably tend towards the physically fit type.

Or maybe it’s just Conan who doesn’t bother to even cut down those he doesn’t think have a chance. He never had much sympathy towards the fat and wealthy folks.

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Yep, Conan only mugged those with gold and jewels - we should have jewels in Conan Exiles … :slight_smile:

And a Robin hood outfit.

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I would settle for an over-weight thrall or two. A fat Tier 4 cooking thrall would be cool, of either gender, preferably both. That, or a meaty hammer wielding tier 4 fighter. A stout, beefy black smith of either gender. If you want to argue logic. A successful master of thralls, feeds them well and works them hard to build a castle. This isn’t Egypt, a blacksmith wielding a hammer 7 days a week is gonna have big burly arms, and a pot belly with spindly little legs. Especially if he’s sucking down Rhino and Elephant noodle soup.

On that note, a scrawny dagger wielding dancer/thief would make a lot of sense. As would any archer. It was not a common thing, having a 300 lb bowman in your ranks. Just sayin.

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Of course. And I think that is indeed one of the likely reasons only the two main body ■■■ types were used (maybe one or two other reasons too, but… :slight_smile: ).

Which is why I suggest thralls being a middle ground. The fat cook could come with its own armor. Armor that cant be removed, similar to carpenters and alchemist. Not exactly what we want, but really limits the extra work required to implement. They wouldnt have to make every armor piece in game workvwith a new body type.

As it’s not really a core game mechanic I suspect it will be more efficient to leave these kinds of mods to the Modders. We’ll watch this space.

What if we want this on official servers?
Nice idea, by the way!

Well Blarzek, like I said to Microsoft, ‘I want a special feature just for me’… I am guessing that if a suggestion gets enough Likes, and it is practical to the game, and will not break anything, and they won’t need to pay developers too much to make it, then they may include it somewhere. lol

I would never think any game, including Conan, are obliged in any way to include anything based on user wishes (unless it’s a bug). I had a suggestion that they make several creatures silent until they attack (like in real world), but I think the idea of spiders just landing on players would make it rated 18+ and that’s not cost-effective :slight_smile:

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