More than just Savages

This is something I wrote up a year or two ago. I tinkered around with it for a long time but never quite completed it. It’s also posted up on Steam, but that’s probably not a good place for it. Either way, it was fun imagining it, so I’m throwing it up here as a teardrop in the rain. This is something I would certainly pay for as expansion content for Conan Exiles… Feel Free to fill in the gaps I left or polish it up a bit if any of this appeals to you. It wasn’t written with Isles of Siptah in mind, but that’s really not much of a problem.

The basic idea is for new Body Types to form loose Character Classes with alternative Attributes, alternative Founder Based Clan Controls, and possibly alternate starting zones in the Exiled Lands. There would also be a different set of metrics for adjusting characters in creation as well.

Conan Body Types

Three new Body Types to counterbalance with SAVAGES Body Type. The names are all designed to be similar to SAVAGES in vagueness, allowing players to imagine a variety of character themes that could apply.
PARIAHS - Fat/Curvy Body
HERMITS - Bony/Skinny Body
SAVANTS - Lithe/Agile Body

Adding body types can be as simple as making variations for thralls, particularly professional thralls… but if they are going to add Player Character Body Types, they have to consider the resources invested in programming old outfits/new outfits, designing and scaling those bodies, making sure the bodies interact with the environment correctly. To this end, it probably is more efficient to take full advantage of the opportunities than to simply make the body types a new character model with no differences. This means that new body types should have different Attributes and Aspects to how they function in game. While I have packaged this as a comprehensive suggestion, I encourage others to divide it, cannibalize it, riff off it if they feel something isn’t quite right or could be improved as a concept. Really, in the end, this is just an unreasonable wish list that may never see the light of day… but I thought I would share it here all the same. On the perks, I should qualify that I have no idea what would be balanced, so a discussion on the specifics would be very enlightening.


First up, we have the Fat/Curvy Body type people have been asking about since the beginning. I see this as less of a body positivity request and more of a thematic request, fully in keeping with the adventurous theme of Conan. Some of the best high Fantasy villains are grossly fat… some of the most entertaining hero party members are jolly sorts that fail to fit the traditional heroic profile. In the context of Conan Exiles, PARIAHS are people who came from varied levels of power and privilege, a prerequisite to building excess body mass in a savage society or budding civilization. They could be Pampered Royalty, Flamboyant Bureaucrats, or even Brutish Enforcers… but it comes down to the same thing: They were living the high life, and now they have been brought low by circumstance. Perhaps they deserved it, perhaps it was a foul plot against them… but now they are free to redeem themselves, plot their revenge, or simply build a new life.

Attributes of PARIAHS

P- Power: Similar to the SAVAGES Strength, but this is the physical expression that comes from holding power over others. The raw stat improves Melee Damage.
Drunken Rage
You deal 10% increased damage when inebriated. You stay inebriated 25% longer (This effect stacks.)
Salting the Wound
You now deal 15% increased damage to enemies affected by negative status effects. (ie. Crippled, Bleeding, Sunder)
Demoralizing Antics
You deal 20% more damage when you have a captive in tow.
Senseless Cruelty
When your target’s health is below 10%, you deal 50% more melee damage
Imperious Disdain
When your health is at 100%, you deal 50% more melee damage

A- Armored: This is the PARIAHS version of Encumbrance. The raw stat improves Encumbrance Values.
Tipsy Balance
You may dodge using 10% less stamina when inebriated. You stay inebriated 25% longer.
Creature Comforts
Increased Temperature Insulation from each Armor piece.
Protective Greed
The Weight of Each item in your inventory is decreased by 1% for each count of it, to a maximum of 50%
You have a chance to ignore armor and shield durability loss when hit.
While over-encumbered, you can move at full speed

R- Robustness: This is the PARIAHS version of Vitality, representing their well fed body. The raw stat improves Health.
Fierce Thirst
You gain a small health regeneration bonus while inebriated. You stay inebriated 25% longer. (this effect stacks)
Cold temperature effects are now greatly diminished.
Leisurely Floating
Swimming Uses up 30% less stamina.
Increases the healing effect of consumables and dancers by 100%.
Gluttonous Gains
Eating food now counts as a healing potion, and provides a (10HP) healing burst at the beginning of the regeneration effect.

I- Intensity: This is the PARIAHS version of Grit, reflecting a life pursing their worldly passions. The Raw Stat improves the Stamina Pool.
Drunken Revelry
You use 10% less Stamina while inebriated. You stay inebriated 25% longer (This effect stacks.)
Bottomless Pit
You now gain stamina regen when regenerating with food.
Pure Hedonism
You gain 5% to health, stamina, damage, and armor while Uncorrupted.
Voracious Eating
Being hit no longer stops food effects.
Thirst for Life
Hunger Bar reduces Stamina use while Climbing equal percentage to how full it is.

A- Accuracy: Same as Original (Easy Port over.)

H- Higher Learning/Haughtiness: This is a special skill to PARIAHS that represents their education. Raw Stat improves Feat Points based on overall level. This allows players to more fully explore the build tree with a single character, but also gives the devs more room to add more feats at each stage without raising the level cap.
Politics Student
Character resists negative status effects while inebriated (other than being inebriated.) You stay inebriated 25% longer. (this effect stacks.)

Theology Student (this character has been educated on the various deities and is well verse in what they require of their followers and how to curry favor with them.)
Gain 10% more Favor when performing rituals and sacrifices.

Architectural Student (this character has studied all the great cultures and the wonders they build, as well as how it is recorded and rumored they were built.)
Now gain back more from Deconstructing buildings and repair damaged buildings faster.

Alchemy Student
Alchemical items and weapons deal 50% more damage or are 50% longer lasting depending on the effects of the item in question.

Art Student
Gain 100% more benefit from using functional war paints on yourself. They also last 50% longer.

S- Survival: Same as Original (Mostly because the original stats/perks line up the same as they would for someone playing a Gourmet PARIAH)

Aspects of PARIAHS

Character Creation- PARIAHS would have a fixed height but you can scale how fat they will be (and stay.) This makes it easier for devs to create new clothing that factors in their specific body changes, but it allows players to play a relatively fit PARIAH or a morbidly (for the wilds) obese PARIAH.

Faction Creation- Realm - When forming a Realm, they create a hierarchical communal area with multiple levels of Authority. Their positions in life taught them about the chain of command allowing them to bestow faction members with varied levels of access and authority… which they control through a “Warlords Throne” they have to build. (Warlord, General, Captain, Lieutenant, Initiate. Ranks can be renamed.) Locks have 3 levels. The Warlord and Generals can Unlock all locks disassemble structure, build structure, and pick up/place all furniture. The Captain can build structure and pick up/place unlocked furniture. The Lieutenant can pick up/place unlocked furniture. The Initiate can open unlocked doors and chests. Thralls and Pets might be given Locked collars as well, to control who has authority to use them. This gives the benefit of high control, but if the Higher ranks aren’t on, it can make it very difficult to maintain the building. Only Generals can be promoted to Warlord if the Warlord is inactive. The system would never auto promote anyone who isn’t a General, which makes this form of clan very high maintenance.

Exiled Lands Starting Location- You could potentially make the PARIAHS start off in the Northwest. They are going to have a hard time in deserts, right?


Second on the list is the Bony/Skinny Body. There have been a few requests for this, and HERMITS is the best way to describe the variations of Wizards, Crones, Witches, Beggars, Aestetics, and Shamans that people would likely want this body type for. They are ICONIC in High Fantasy, often being knowledgeable allies, wise teachers, dangerous and mysterious advisors, wild cards with their own agenda, and even diabolical antagonists. The HERMITS all have spend much of their lives in isolation from society, but their eccentric lifestyle opens up new opportunities to pursue great heights of knowledge, ability, and mystery. In Conan Exiles, these HERMITS have fallen on hard times, but find a isolated new land to put their skills into practice.

Attributes of HERMITS

H- Hidden Knowledge/Hypotheticals: This is a special skill to HERMITS and represents their unique experiences. Raw Stat improves Feat Points based on overall level. This allows players to more fully explore the build tree with a single character, but also gives the devs more room to add more feats at each stage without raising the level cap. This is a mysterious stat for HERMITS… the Perks should focus more on practical knowledge than the Perks the PARIAHS have from Higher Learning/Haughtiness While HERMITS would likely have their own Alchemy Perk and possibly a Theology Perk, they are unlikely to care about Art, Politics, or Architecture the way the PARIAHS are prone to. Instead they would have mystic attainments Blacksmithing, Geomancy (mining buff), and Horticulture (Herb Cultivation). I don’t know how to line these up or stat these perks out.

E- Encumbrance: Same as Original.

R- Robustness: This is the HERMITS version of Vitality, representing their weather hardened body. The raw stat improves Health.
Denial of the Flesh
Hunger Rate decreased.
Mind Submerged in Tranquility
Hot temperature effects are now greatly diminished.
Hunger Strike
Use 50% less stamina on attacks when attacking while Hunger is Yellow (Under 50%)
Increases the healing effect of consumables and dancers by 100%.
Aestetic of Nature
Deal 50% more damage when attacking while Hunger is Yellow (Under 50%)

M- Maneuvers: This is the HERMITS version of Agility, representing their ability to get in and out of trouble with surprising tenacity. The raw stat improves dodge and speed.
Jackrabbit Leaps
Jumping drains (25%) less stamina.
Leaf in the Wind
Fall from great Heights will never deal damage to character below 25% Health mark.
Effortless Sprint
Sprinting no longer costs stamina.
Tumble Weed
When Dodging, move twice as far.
Extended Leap
Jump while in the air to do a second jump.

I- Intensity: This is the HERMITS version of Grit, reflecting a life pursing their spiritual passions. The Raw Stat improves the Stamina Pool.
Quenched Desire
Thirst Rate decreased
Savor Every Drop
Gain a stamina boost each time you drink (Until maxed on thirst bar)
Pure Thoughts
You resist Corruption longer
Absolute Stillness
Holding Power Shots with Bow uses no Stamina. (still use stamina charging shots up, but you can hold it indefinitely once fully charged.)
Gaia’s Energy
Improves Stamina Pool by 30%

T- True Sight: This is the HERMITS version of Accuracy, showing that while their eye sight might be failing them, they rely on perceptions beyond what is known. The raw stat improves ranged damage. Perhaps this stat could also feature more extreme alterations in the distance projectiles fly for HERMITS. On the low end of this stat, they would have shorter range than other classes, but on the high end of the stat, they could outrange other classes.

S- Survival: Same as Original.

Aspects of HERMITS

Character Creation- HERMITS would have a fixed body mass and size, but you can scale how elderly they are, increasing how hunched over they are in play and if and how many wrinkles they have. You can play a relatively young HERMIT who naturally has deep wisdom, or a wizened old HERMIT who spent a lifetime acquiring the deepest of secrets.

Faction Creation - Sect - When Founding a Sect, they create a communal area like the clan. However, the locks on chests and doors are keyed to each individual member and structures placed by other active (in the last 7 days) sect members cannot be disassembled except by the player who placed it. This gives individual security at the cost of difficulty in restructuring.

Exiled Lands Starting Location- It would make sense for them to start off in the South West, coming out of Isolation right into Those communities of potential hostiles/thralls.


Third and last, we have the Lithe/Agile Body which represents those with a lighter frame. These characters can be wide-eyed Protagonists, Intrepid Unlikely Heroes, Future Royalty, Craven Schemers, Street Rats, Pickpockets, Cunning Rogues, and the like… they haven’t become SAVAGES and rely more on their wit, fortune, and cunning. They are SAVANTS. It’s worth noting, these characters are not children, they have been EXILED in a brutal way. They are adults who either fell on the wrong side of authority or absolutely broke the law earning the harshest sentences reserved for hard boiled criminals… even in a savage time.

Attributes of SAVANTS

S- Strength: Same as Original.

A- Agility: Same as Original.

V- Vitality: Same as Original.

A- Accuracy: Same as Original.

N- Nimble Fingers/"Enviousness": SAVANTS equivalent to Encumbrance. It’s important to note this type isn’t a packhorse. Their light frame can highlight clever behavior, but they will never carry much. They make up for it by carrying better things. Increasing the Raw Stat improves odds of rare harvest drops or finding valuables. This would be a small percentage boost for every point, perhaps even a fractional percentage boost per point. I was thinking the Initial Perks for this set could be something that allows easier/quick retrieval of thrown weapons. After that it increases production of harvested resources in reverse order of likely encounter rate OR discount on production of specific artisan goods.

T- Tenacity: The SAVANTS version of Grit. Increasing the raw stat improves Stamina Pool. Should the Perks be different here? They could be, but I’m not sure how.

S- Survival: Same as Original.

Aspects of SAVANTS

Character Creation- SAVANTS would be naturally lanky and set to their maximum height, but you can shrink them down while increasing their stockiness to get a dwarven/halfling/efficient human body size. While I can’t think of any little people from Conan, there are plenty of examples in contemporary High Fantasy, such as Willow. This is the other reason for altering encumbrance, which makes no sense for the body type. This might be the most difficult to program outfits for, but if you are willing to do it at all, I think this would be highly worth it. Obviously there would need to be a discussion about what this size would mean for access and PVP, but hopefully the change in stockiness would offset some of the advantage. Other balance considerations might need to be made… health, speed, damage. This is probably the most unlikely of the body types to be made, but if we are going to dream of high adventure fantasy, we should mention it at least. Hitboxes might make the size difference moot anyway, if the challenge didn’t have a simple solution.

Faction Creation - League - When Founding a League, the Savant creates no communal area. Each Member keeps their territory, pets, and thralls… but all members deal reduced damage to each other, pets, and thralls. Your doors and locked chests are off limits to your allies. (Unless you fail to log in for a certain period of time, then they get first dibs before decay sets in.) Pets and Thralls will never attack a league member unless they are attacked first. This should round out the clan system so all the basic potential systems can be tried and tested. They could try to balance the clan types… or not. The standard clan type has a place, of course… it’s practical in many ways… however some people feel uneasy about it. The League System is the most independent way to establish alliances/bonds with other players.

Exiled Lands Starting Area- These characters can start in the South East, with faster access to jungle areas. Or even take them up to the North Eastern portions of the map.

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