Stream Notes and Answers: April 10th, 2018

This stream focused primarily on the Swamp biome and answering questions from the chat.


  • We’ve dubbed it the Swungle, because we’ve called it both a Jungle and Swamp. :slight_smile: Though, it is more of a swamp than a jungle since it’s not as dense.

  • We won’t see Jens in a Derketo cosplay. :frowning:

  • There is a reason that there’s a swamp there in regards to lore.

  • We entered the Sandswept Ruins. There is a mystery character sitting in a high chair. An old man who knows about the sandstorm, why it’s there, and how it works. He was not currently there on the version Jens and Joel were playing, but it’s not Conan.

  • With the swamp will come lots of new resources, armor sets, locations, and such. Lotuses and vines (which can be broken down to plantfiber) will be added.

  • Fixing decay is a big focus for the code devs. Everything we’re doing right now is bug fixing because we’re on content lock. We won’t be adding more content from what we have on the internal build that will be at launch so we can focus on fixing and smoothing out the game.

  • There are giant roaming spiders in the swamp. You’re welcome.

  • We don’t have an exact date for TestLive going Live. The build we played on is an internal build.

  • There are more buildings and lore to discover and figure out why you’re there in the Exiles Lands.

  • Private server admins have the option to turn the Purge off on their servers, but we’ll talk more about the purge in the next stream. We’ll also show off the Volcano on a future stream.

  • We showed off the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts, which houses Yakira, Priestess of Derketo. She’s actually voiced by Fryda Wolff! Who you may know from The Park game or Mass Effect: Andromeda as the female Ryder.

  • We’re doing a on of internal testing on the Swamp and Volcano. Those are completed in sense of landscape. We are doing mechanical stuff though and don’t want to spoil things in it. We’re stabilizing the launch version and it takes time. The plan is to move combat and the purge and lots of new content (building things and weapons) before launch to live.

  • It’s been on TestLive for a while to help with finding and fixing these bugs before going live.

  • We want to be clear that the team who works on AI, are not the same team who works on, say, new content and additions. We have different teams working on different things.

  • We very likely won’t make an Endowment Potion for women. Apparently there is one for men? Maybe one after launch. We can’t add anything before launch than what we have internally due to the content lock.

  • We walked into Flotsam. It has a camp with a wrecked ship and looks super cool. They have the Blackhand Pirates, who made it out here to the Exiled lands and trying to patch the ship up to leave. They are hostile.

  • No plans to add boats for players right now.

  • We can’t add gliders due to lore.

  • The Purge is when NPCs come to attack your stuff based on where you build once your purge meter fills. For example, if you build in the swamp, you’ll be attacked by the pirates and animals in that area. The desert will be relic hunters, hyenas, and so on. If you build on a mountain, then undead can come from underground. There will be waves and a boss at the end. The Purge will contain some unique NPCs you may want as thralls. No where is safe!!!

  • Showed some really pretty and colorful hornbill birds walking around in the swamp.

  • You’ll be able to build in the trees so you can build upwards.

  • We’ve tried to centralize certain NPCs to certain areas. So Silkwood will have the giant spiders instead of scattered around the map.

  • There will be world bosses in the swamp. There are 4, Jens thinks.

  • We entered The Passage, which has a tight cave to walk through. You almost feel a little claustrophobic walking through. However, the passage ends in an enormous cavern. Which has spiders, of course.

  • No race exclusive items, ever. Joel won’t let it happen. Mostly for roleplaying and backstory. It’s about making the character you want to make, not forcing you to certain stats. Same with having Gods. You can explore all forms of the game and make it free form. We want you to be able to experience it all.

  • We saw a carrier thrall walking around with a big backpack. He’ll be able to carry extra stuff for you. No word if they’ll carry and hit halves of a coconut together…

  • If we can get the time and people, we can do magic for the game. It’s something we have to see about.

  • We can get new beards, hairstyles, and such if it’s something our character artist can do. It’s a wait and see kind of deal.

  • There are a few developer voices in the game. Some merchants at least.

  • Unfortunately, you won’t get to have mods on Conan Exiles for consoles. It’s very difficult and we don’t have the infrastructure of it.

  • Showed off the Derketo Tier 3 alter. The fires on it is witch fire! You’ll be able to dye fires to different colors soon.

  • Also showed the male Derketo priest outfit. Has a skull face piece and it looks awesome. The female version has nipple covers in case you were wondering.

  • We’re 100% aware of Xboxers being unhappy about the wait for an update. The plan is to update Xbox before launch. We apologize for the wait but we promise we haven’t abandoned you.

  • Derketo was summoned on the stream. She looks badass and also half rotting. She can step on buildings and destroy them but her main attack is a breathe attack that does hurt enemies. However, she also has a healing breathe because she is both a good and bad goddess.

  • Jens killed himself when summoning Derketo the second time and it was hilarious:

  • Would you consider removing dodge roll during swing attack animations? Nope, dodges cancel.

  • Next biome is not Atlantis.

  • Private servers won’t get a full wipe at launch. That’s up to the server admin. But official servers will be to give equal footing.

  • Italian language will be available at launch!

  • Will removing your bracelet be possible in the future: Absolutely is. If you complete the whole story in the game and you do it you will die and never come back into the exiled lands. So you’re basically deleting your character if you do it. Kidding? Who knows! You’ll see!

  • Crossbows MAY come back but not until after launch.

  • Joel says he likes where bows are in terms of power. There seems to be a lot of debate on that.

  • You do not have to buy the game again if you bought it already in early access.

  • Balliste are not coming for launch. Maybe one day?

  • Anything about DLC or post-launch stuff, we will talk about after launch since we’re putting all focus on launch at this time.

  • New music will be added! Some of it is already on TestLive. You can get the soundtrack through the Barbarian Edition.

  • Jens will be in London for EGX Rezzed. This won’t effect development since Jens is the only one going.

  • There will not be another biome coming in the Northeast. The map at launch will be the complete map of this area.

You can watch the full stream here to see the swamp and Derketo in their greatness!


Great stream and wonderful design of the swamp. Loved it. :heart_eyes:


Thank god, hope it contains combat.

This was pretty much me after about a minute of the stream:


Well, good. :pensive:
But this is a bad decision. It makes some important elements of the game insignificant. It was a good potential for studying lore and the world of R. Howard, the importance of thralls, races and religions in game, etc.

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Why did Conan get such a small little cutie dick? :joy:

I am looking forward to that. :heart_eyes:

Also (as I already wrote somewhere else) I dont agree with bows being fine overall. Dragon bow is probably fine (didnt check other dragon weapons) but… well…
The difference is like 26 to 42 damage for late/end game bows. That is a little unbalanced, even more if you think about the work to be done to get at almost equal footing with similar weapons (in terms of damage).
While you can run into that cave with kingslayer recipes (and I think one only needs normal materials for crafting those) and get 39 or 41 daggers that way, archieving a similar damage with bows requires one to kill and harvest that undead dragon. You know. The one that ate like 1000-1500 arrows back in the 50ish times? Plus healing being so strong that one really needs to use a 40 dmg weapon in order to at least negate healing… Uhm… Wait… What?! (And even a 40 dmg weapon will probably not suffice because healing is really, really strong.)

Really good job!! We are waiting for it so badly!!

Ps: Epic death haha


this is BAD decision… There are other ways how to implement this that would make the game even more interesting…

will there be another biome later on or there is no plan for any kind of expansion or map expansion at all?

Thanks for pointing this out – I heard it but didn’t see it in the reading of the transcript. I for one am happy the races are cosmetic, as it comports more to my idea of what we’re doing there in the first place. For us to have innate racial attributes would be potentially story-breaking. :slight_smile:


I think I’m going to ask @Yojimbe to paint this for me, so that I can post it as an answer to copypasta stream questions. “That’s how Yellow Lotus is supposed to work.” :smiley_cat:


There will not be another biome coming in the Northeast. The map at launch will be the complete map of this area.

The way that this point struck me during the stream was that there may be a Map 2 somewhere in the distant future. Due to all the problems surrounding mounts, they might be just starting to create a brand new map using smaller ‘tiles’. This would enable mounts to work on the new map, and the game to run better on consoles or mid-spec PCs.


I wasnt really thinking of any starting racial attributes. I thought of purely cosmetic stuff as well. Just as Race or Religion locked armors - light, medium and heavy. Pure RP thing (perhaps too much for to have specific set of armor for every race or nation but it is something what could be done for Religions)

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The cosmetic element in the game is very conditional. Cimmerians have white skin, but I can make him black skin. Darfari has black skin, but I can make him white skin. In this way, I can transform from cimmerian into darfari, and darfari into cimmerian. All races have no difference.
I wanted each race to have distinctions based on things, clothes and armor, attributes at the start of the game, etc. They decided to just mix all the things into one.
These decisions are bad for the game. The player will quickly lose interest in the game because of the great freedom of choice. The player will not think what he chooses and why he chooses. He will not experiment and explore the world (look for new thralls for another armor, for example), because everything is available.
I like this game. I would like the developer to continue developing the game. However, in this decision he makes a conceptual mistake. If the developer gives full freedom of choice, then he deprives the player of choice and deprives of intrigue.
However, this is only my opinion. Other people have their opinions. Some people like this concept of the game. I really hope that they were not mistaken in this choice.

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this is what i thought/hoped as well, after hearing Joel explain the issue with mounts

@MadLeo and @Kessi, you’re both very close to what I thought we had when I first created a character. Physical attributes such as facial model, colorations, potential non-limiting factors like eyebrow styles or cheekbone height all seem to me easy features to help spice up the full experience.

When you create your toon in GTA you start with a base model and begin your alchemy from there. This is how I assumed all games were these days; it was only later that someone in my clan needed to (gently) correct me about how non-spayshul my Khitan face was. :blush:

It really works all ways. You could make a light skinned Darfari and call it a Nordheimer. There is nothing in game that would contradict this. It is not like if you make a light skinned Darfari and called it a Nordheimer that someone else could say, no that is not a Nordheimer it is a light skinned darfari. They have no way of knowing that you originally created the character as a Darfari.

The real question is whether or not race tags are associated with the character in the database. If so, then there is the possibility for modders to do something with race. I am not sure how far they can take it but it might be worth considering.

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And? What does this mean? This means that darfari is not distinguished from other races. He can study the Cimmerian and the Zamorian armor. How? This is not logical. It would be logical, if he knew how to make a set darfari armor. Another armor he could get with the help of slaves or recipes or would take from other players. But he can learn all the sets of armor. It is not correct from the point of logic and lore.
I think that this can make the game boring for the players. They will not look for new slaves to new armor. Why? They have full access to all armor. If a player starts to think about these things, that these things are contrary to lore and logic, they can be disappointed in the game.
Yes, the game is very beautiful. The game is very beautiful locations. It is possible to build very beautiful bases. But this is not enough. Look at some MMO. Many players play only for the sake of getting armor, clothing or weapons. CE is not an MMO, but the game has some MMO elements. To maintain interest in the game, the introduction of features for races (things, clothings, armors, etc) would be a good solution.

It would be logical, if he knew how to make a set darfari armor. Another armor he could get with the help of slaves or recipes or would take from other players.

I believe there are still Flawless or improved quality sets, which these specific cultural crafters can make. All smiths can work with Star Metal, but a Cimmerian smith can do it better.

Maybe I’m not getting it…yea races have no SPECIAL attributes, which is fine…like Joel said it’s not an mmo…You can still make any race you want and make them look or not look like that race you choose.Your choice…As for racial armor,there are a lot of racial armor on test live…really nice I would like to add lol…spoiler alert!! don’t have to train in them,there are thralls that can make the special race armor for you.Not one thrall can make all the armors either,you need different thralls.:wink:

This game is an open sandbox game. It is no RPG. You as an admin, as the players can make it to a RPG. You have the choice. That makes this game so special.