Post Return to Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - Unchained


So, it has been a while since I been away from the world of Age of Conan: Unchained and by far my opinion still the best MMORPG ever!

Little backstory…
I have to admit I did not come along to Age of Conan at its start, because of relocationing, work, and then had to go to great lengths to purchased Collection’s Edition Set and Expansion of Rise of the Godslayer, a year after which put me in year four when I finally made it to Age of Conan and loved it ever since.

I started out on the server: Set (which later merged with Crom)… main-character was split between Rogue and Priest-Archetype of Assassin and Tempest of Set; Areelav and Nirdail.

(If anyone remembers me, give me a shout-out, because I will be returning in 2019… by Set)

I am so proud of Funcom surviving with Age of Conan, geez ten years old and still best looking and overall powerhouse of a MMORPG ever!

One thing since catching up on news, reports, and updates was ideas popping in my head and just for conversation starters while I try to secure my way back from hibernation and re-enter the fray of Age of Conan was this…

Anyone dabbled with reading some of the books and stories done by Robert E. Howard? One particular that caught my attention was “Scarlet Citadel”. Now I am no expert nor will ever claim, and I heard of Conan Exiles which as much of a fan for Conan-content love… Age of Conan is King and should be respected as so, but hey Funcom to me needed to see if there is still a thirst for Conan and especially content-wise beside the genres that is available today and amazed at the success, but felt like it let me down that those resources could have relaunch people back into Age of Conan: Unchained. Though, Funcom needed help and I so sorry I was not around to be there and felt horrible I have gone from the game so long.

Anyways… my wondering was this though on if viable from a perspective that does not write-off what has been done with world of Age of Conan, expansion of Rise of the Godslayer, Coasts of Turan, and addition of Dragonspine-content; a launch of additional region seems to ideal to bring Age of Conan: Unchained back to the front-running contention, you know?

I mean think of the story-plot of “Scarlet Citadel”… we would get new regions to explore like addition the Region-Kingdom of Shem and their Mad-King plot story-arc against King Conan. Even can explore new character race of the Shemites being the equivalent of Soldier-Archetype Stygian based on stories of R.E.H. of Shemites; I would even be so bold to say with how the Shemites worship is split though prevalent to be the Nameless Spider-God, Black Iron Tarantula and even their Priest from stories being zealots like their southern-neighbors of Stygia with Great Serpent One, Set… we could even get a special new sub-class under the Priest-Archetype for Shemite-class. Me personally… I would enjoy a melee-combat style Priest that rival attack style of the Rogue-Barbarian/Assassin since the Spider-God, Black Iron Tarantula can be noted of the sacrifices of it’s people and animals in pits consuming and corroding flesh from Tarantulas poison-fangs throwned in by Priests of Shem, though in the arc the King appeases this practice to maintain the fragile-Kingdom’s regional peace.

Also, besides Shem… Ophir (plot starts here in the story when the Queen sends word that Shem threatens to evade her region), Koth, Zamora, and maybe throw in Argos. I mean a new major launch expansion with 4 to 5 new regions to explore and quests, plus new race introduction with a new class under the Priest-Achetype and still can keep the opening of Tortage with Shemite new race and destiny-quest.

Tell me what you think?

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Also… any ideas, let spit-ball them around; let’s talk Age of Conan and books!

no major content for AoC said Funcom.

Also 1 Class is not enough to keep the balance. So you would need to add more. Also a melee priest -> BS. Nothing new.

Everyone left in AoC and a lot of them who already left would love new content. A new Expansion like Khitai, but it ain’t gonna happen, because Funcom already killed AoC in their books.


I understand that with the climate right now with Funcom, but balance would still remained the same, I mean… think on it like this;

Finally have dusk-skinned character for Soldier-Achetype with introducing Shem/Shemites.

Also, not looking for another Bear Shaman-class, but like the intricacies of racial-class under Priest-Archetype with ‘Priest of Mitra’ and ‘Tempest of Set’, but a racial-class design under Priest-Archetype for Shem/Shemites since that kingdom falls predominant to Nameless, Spider-God Tarantula. Shemites stature differ to that of Stygians and can support under the lore for their racial-affinity to the Soldier-Archetype of Guardian and Dark Templar, Rogue-Archetype of Ranger, and finally for Mage-Archetype of Demonalogist and Necromancer, saved being from because the are tall, healthy thick, dusk-skinned opposites of Stygia then Conquerors, Barbarians, Assassins, and Herald of Xotli would not be afforded to them.

Henceforth my reasoning for combat-style for Shem/Shemite under a Priest-Archetype be that of newest introduction for new-class hype be a dual-wielding of edged-swords and daggers with poison/health-leeching healing spells (reminding you of Dark Templars, though those are self-healing combat ritual spells) but for group/raid-wide cast healing, like how Bear Shaman would heal group/raid.

Also with this story-arc bring addition of new regions and Kingdom to explore, quest, and raid with Shem, Ophir, Argos, and even Zamora or Zingara.

Just saying with the state of many other MMORPGs, there is still a thirst for Age of Conan content that could Funcom revitalize increase back Age of Conan population with veterans and new players to bring them back to the forefront where this MMORPG deserves!

I think most people don’t give a damn about another race. More people want vanity to have restrictions removed. I would also prefer that over a new race.



What restriction are there on vanity?

Not so much about having a new class, but another story that has us venturing to Ophir, Argos, Zingara or Zamora, and quest/dungeon/raid and adventure to the region of the Mad-King of Shem, predominate Hyboria bloodlines where they worship the Nameless Spider-God, Black Iron Tarantula!

Now does that not sound enticing?

If you can’t wear specific type of armor, you can’t use it as vanity. That’s the restriction.

No, if I can’t wear any gear on vanity, extra content feels meh.

Hmmm… never had I had much issue with vanity limited to the armor-class of the racial-archetype, but I guess I can understand if you feel like you would look amazing in a certain vanity, but cannot because of your armor-class based to the archetype you are can be frustrating, sotospeak, but you could always try and keep up with the developers and offer designer help so when they do announce new vanity, you could get some influence over the overall to design, but they may not remove the armor-class required, but make it look better?

They certainly can remove restrictions. It’s not super easy, but it is far easier than adding weapon vanity. Either way, if they honestly cared about the community they would have done it a long time ago

I mean, it does promote diversity to just your main-character role… even if the purpose is to wear specific style vanity, but what your thoughts on Shem, or maybe you have other racial interest you like from stories of R.E.H. that could be introduced to Age of Conan?

Not really. I don’t see the need for any new racial stuff to the game until a proper expansion.

What is your ideas of a proper expansion?

Mind you… cannot remove Tortage, so you have to fit your want of new elements to aligned to Destiny story-arc, Coast of Turan, Rise of the Godslayer, and Dragon’s Spine; or at least keep a narrative to it.

Something that’s a solid expansions and one perhaps that will start the first proper story that players could interact with.

Kinda wish that funcom took SWTOR route here. Considering that most content feels like WoW in solo, might as well make it even better. And maybe spice it up with some BW style romance haha…that would be refreshing…

I mean… there is the hiding of King Conan’s Khitain-Queen; probably could branch from there, but what any of the many story-arcs from R.E.H.?

Argh… hated Star Wars - The Old Republic; cinematics were nice, but not translated into the actual gameplay look

MMOs shouldn’t follow Canon, especially this one. The earlier they make their own story, the sooner they won’t have to worry about running out of books. Especially since not all were made by the original author.

I didn’t mind. I enjoy it to the fullest. However, swtor story mechanics would be awesome asf

Yeah, I did buy the game originally when it came out for the story-arc writing mechanics though I was loyal to the guys who were given permission and blessing by George Lucas when Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Part-two, but…

… it not so much to stick to cannon-lore, but give respect where respect is due, but it is more stylized to the lore, then direct lore-driven; prime example being with The Savage Coast of Turan and Rise of the Godslayer!

Lore driven is fine. It shouldn’t stay loyal to the books in terms of story tho. I for example would want to see a proper campaign introduced with next expansion. Hell I would even do the script writing for the story if I was hired (am allowed to wish ain’t I?). Game deserves love. It’s fun to play even with so many flaws and outdated graphics. I also hope they optimise dx10 version further to fix it’s issues.


Though I tailored and made my computer to optimized around Age of Conan, by far best looking MMORPG… ever!

I mean, they did not write themselves to any walls… we have The Black Kingdoms and points of interest there; plus also Red Brotherhood could be more explored in Argos. Hyperborea, larger expanse of Turan to explore.

Tons doors… we just need to find a way to push Funcom through those doors or apply to work there!