Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures Books

I stumbled across one of these in a Used Book Store. From looking in Amazon it seems there were a number of them printed back in 2005 before AoC came out.

I ended up with the Stygian set, but I see where the other 2 regions got books too, including one with Kern in it.

Anybody ever read any of them?

I never knew they existed. I’ve been here since the last few months of beta. Granted, I still haven’t gotten around to reading any conan stories…

They’re pretty okay. Nothing, in my mind, to really write home about, but I remember some of them being good reads nonetheless.

When I first saw it and then researched it I thought they were game tie in books like I’ve seen before, right up until I saw the published date!

I’m reading the first Stygian book and I’ve got to say, their Khemi is a lot more of a city than the one in game. :slight_smile: