Looking for Conan lore

Im interested in buying books about the world of Conan, where I can read about about the races, cultures and so on. Not really sure what to get tho. Been looking at the “Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of” but not sure it covers what im after.

Any tips is greatly appreciated.

Check this out: Conan The Barbarian, History of the Hyborian Age and it’s Gods: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGSajvgUQOqBNSUoLon62xND22BrDNmNV


I found a pdf of the original works in several places. Pretty much the first page of a google search. The copyrights must be expired because it’s fairly easy to get. The later books are more difficult to get, though.

Probably the best Conan audiobook ever, and it’s a free recording:

Look Robert Howard or the hyborian age up in Wikipedia. It will mention a three part book set that is all of his original works. Then go,from there I’m sure you could probably find them on Amazon.

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