Age of Conan Maps in CE

This was posted over on the Age of Conan forum and I don’t recall seeing it here, but I thought it deserved some extra recognition on this end because it is pretty cool if you’ve ever played Age of Conan.


Ya I`m gonna look into this I like it very much. Thanks

Mod link


Pretty epic!

This looks promising. Definitely got my attention.

As I was playing around with this all I could think was how it’s a good thing they’re still so rough, because otherwise I’d be wishing somebody would set up like a roleplay server cluster or something with them.

Also I was disappointed that the Khitai map didn’t include the Forgotten City.

When I first heard about this, I thought it was a nifty idea. But I was also under the impression that they were new maps inspired by the AoC maps. Not a direct rip. There’s a couple of problems that the modder and the players who use this will run into.

The maps in question are direct rips from AoC, and while its a great game, with some beautiful scenery for a mid to late 2000s game, it is specifically made for a MMORPG. A theme park style one at that. The maps chosen are also the beginner areas with one being the game’s tutorial.

In the video you will see Old Tarantia, Tortage, and other cities in their more or less glory. They’re big, they’re grand, and such. They put the towns in Exiled Lands and Siptah to shame for sure. But around those towns are frontiers and wilderness designed for a gameplay path revolving around picking up quests and going to specific locations.

Not building in a sandbox environment. Which means if you want to build your own cities and such, you can’t. If you want to build your own stuff, you have to keep it small. There’s very little flat land to build substantial structures or even bases.

Had the modder instead decided to build these maps from scratch in the devkit. They could have added these things in with logical mindset of a gameplay loop and with locations in mind for building. Right now, they have to do this after the fact and tack it on. Its not going to feel as immersive once that happens.

If you’re looking for just a RPG experience with a set of quests you can do similar to what AoC does with these areas already. Then this is probably good for that. If you’re looking for a sandbox experience like you see in Exiled Lands and Siptah (or other custom maps), then this will not be good for that. But then again, you could just download Age of Conan and play through the original version of these maps right now, for free. The maps are in the starter areas and are free for anyone to experience.

The idea was cool in concept, but the implementation is a bit disappointing.

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It is probably not built for the sandbox survival game for sure. But if it is built like a big dungeon that you romp through like the MMORPG, then it should work well. Since its in Alpha stage its barely scratch the surface of the finished product.

Heck, I would just love to run through the map again in CE, for the fun of it. Personally, I would make it the adventure map than sandbox build map anyway. Not that I would recreate the same quests and such, but give it a similar feeling. That is me. I loved Age of Conan (played 5 years - raiding, pvping, questing and dungeon runs) so can’t wait for it see how it progresses. No idea how he put this together. Makes me wonder how small AoC truly was since it can all fit in one 8x8 km UE4.15 map.

Plus with server transfers, you can just add this to your server cluster. (3 servers in a cluster with Amunet Server Transfer mod)