Thoughts on CE Moving Forward!

Conan Moving Forward thoughts.

Hello. 9000+ hours in the game on two different accounts. Every new character is a new adventure from a different angle. Different thralls, different builds, there is so much replayability if one renames their thralls, get into the game more than just rush stuff. Here are some suggestions for this awesome, awesome game.

New Map. Towering Mountains, Snow, Mountain Lakes and streams into a few rivers, More lakes, island coast all the way around, beneath the mountains a thick forest of oaks, ash, cherry, Hickory, Walnut, etc…some evergreen, a coastal beach, a river draining through a thick swamp/jungle. Caves…lots of caves.

This might be a huge programming feat…or not possible, but changing it so that landclaim works in all 3 dimensions so that caverns deep beneath the ground, with camps, builds, etc could exist directly above another landclaim on the main surface. Then…deep caves…

If you have Ymir, then you can have Yggdrasil, can have elves (Aelfihir), dark elves (Dokkalfar), and dwarves (Svartalfar). If Ymir is in Conan lore…so too are these other things…it is guilt by association. It has been a long time since dwarves were in a game…

Now, with that being said, so too must sorcery be expanded. Get rid of the religious tools to harvest and actually make real sacrifices to the altars. Also, you could have schools of sorcery/magic. Create a fatigue function so that players wear out and need rest - both physical and mental. No need for mana…your character just loses it and needs rest after a while to recharge.
Schools of magick like dragon age origins had, or the old school rpgs. A skill tree.

Make sorcerer followers!!!

Thralls: Allow more thralls. Characters either become leaders or single heroes.
Thralls need a roll dodge!! Better Thrall AI.
A hidden “Aggression level’ on all NPC’s. Sometimes they attack you, sometimes they run away. If they start to die, they dodge and flee/kite you more or go all out in a last ditch fight or flight attempt.

The lunge forward attack of most npc’s, and most non human npc’s, is a bit boring. It is too easy to move close, get them to lunge at you, dodge the lunge and hit them from behind…over and over and over. Some unpredictability and AI variability would be nice.

Develop the water!! Focus on the deeps. Not that there should be sharks and piranha’s everywhere, but there could be something besides illusory fish and things in the water.
Make swimming cost stamina again. Give players a buoyancy rating vs. their swimming skill. Some should be heavy and sink. Buoyancy vs. swim skill.
Give the waters current, and dynamism. (Same with the air/wind in the game).
Make water damage armor.

Now…with that being said…introduce water craft. Simple rafts, kayaks, canoes to start. Give people a reason to avoid water, and a reason to get nekked rather than wear armor in the water.

The heat system is messed up. The more you are wearing, the hotter you should get, the more insulated you should get. Some kind of endurance or conditioning skill should make one more able to withstand heat temperatures. Can’ stand the heat/ To bad, you can’t wear heavy armor, or need to cool off, etc. Same goes for cold. This woudl add realism to survival, and the odd premise that armors give both heat and cold protection.

Sorcery is most effective naked…the body needs to be connected to the air and aether, or whatever. Light flowing clothing, as thin as possible etc.
**Connect multiple maps together…what happens when you escape the exiled lands/ you start over with a portal to and from exiled lands, but only after you escape.
Conquer different camps/tribes to gain bonuses in pve or pvp. Make them become friendly and offer thralls to help(?). ??? Make the map interact with pvp.

There is so much potential in this beautiful, ambitious game.

Put Sacrifice and Mekamoses back at the Set temple with the girl on the table. Put a sorcery wagon somewhere (not at every camp, but somewhere). Just make the eclipse go away, or something, or if someone on the server activates something, the eclipse is there, but keep the rest. This was a good quest…and the sorcery wagons and merchants came and went too quickly.

Stop changing the exiled lands and make a new map. New content=New Map.
This changing the exiled lands seems like you are out of ideas and just spinning wheels.

New map, new stuff, more sorcery, thrall ai improvements, pvp/pve interaction with the world, use the gods for sorcery, develop water, boats, and add new races that can be related to lore. New map, more sorcery, develop water. New map more sorcery develop.

CE is the best game many have every played. The game is huge, ambitious, diverse, and sexy. Stay that way and make it better than ever. (new map, new stuff, boats, more sorc, thrall improve, new races, water…etc. Etc0)

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While there are a few nice suggestions within your post, this one is a polite ‘no’ from me. Elves, Orcs, and other high fantasy races do not, and never have existed within Robert E Howard’s books. The world of Hyborea was modelled after an ancient, alternate version of our own, and each nation draws inspiration from human civilizations. And needless to say that Elves have never existed on Earth. This idea is something better left to modding.


Despite my brainstorming and etc, i can’t say I disagree with you about Howard’s low fantasy and the fact that it is historically like 11,000 years ago, etc. At the same time I was putting these puzzle pieces together in my mind!

I appreciate your comment. CE is a huge ambitious game that seems to have some longevity

More factions and settlements, reputation system with unique loot/rewards depending on rank/trust level with particular faction, animal breeding (to gain better perks, obtainable only in this way - like that idea with foals: swift, sturdy etc), wandering merchants, stealing from non-hostile npcs (like Sepermeru ones), proper stealth system (why we even have backstab like perks, when all fights go with “free stuff in apple store” meta), religion rework (for example time buffs for doing godd/Mitra or bad/Set deeds).

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Ymir would pre-date Ygdrassil. Ymir is primordial. Odin etc came after his death

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Lets hope next age is Age of Gods and we get this. Gives me another reason to capture thralls.

elves and dwarves, hard no for the same reasons Croms_Faithful said.
proper religious sacrifices would be great.
new map – i think this is better left to modders, a new map is a huuuuuge undertaking, investment of time and money, time and money better spent on bug fixing in my opinion. getting mods to console should be priority, tho i dont expect it to come any time soon/ever. a new official map would be welcome, but i dont think funcom has the resources to make it happen.
Better thrall AI and NPC AI is a dream. A dream i share.
Tweed’s suggestions on more factions and settlements, I think would be great, as is the suggestions/ideas to make pets actually useful.

realistically, it looks like the next age is gonna focus on their Smart Objects backport. so expect new benches and ways for thralls to be placed on them, so they can stand around and do stuff. Dennis also suggested he wants to make all thralls be placeable people, and not just items that go in benches. my thought is this is gonna be the focus of the next age, hopefully thrall AI, and AI in general, is gonna be a part of that rework. as to what the Age of X will ultimately be, I hope for an Age of Savagery as suggested by LostBrythunian in a different recent post, Age of Gods / Age of Sacrifice would be cool. how they theme the Smart Objects and thrall placement stuff is outside of my prediction abilty, but i have a strong suspicion that these mechanics will be a core part of what the next age is centered around.

You are right, but imps and snakemen were added to the game in the early stages, and orcs, goblins, creatures and other fantasy monsters - a little later, on Siptah. The line has long been crossed.

Imps are corrupted humans because of the exiled lands and serpentmen are from existing lore. If you can point to how corruption leads to a dorf or an elf… that’d be something.

A dorf is an easier sell… little people have always been a thing, and goblins are also in the lore. Orcs not so much.

Just a thought…how many of the armor buffs are really high fantasy? I mean a pair of boots that magically allow for 45 lbs of extra carrying capacity. A helm (and boots) that repairs weapons and tools. Armor that strengthens weapon class (agility and strength). Or armor tha somehow biffs your followers???

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You’d be surprised how a pair of clean dry socks lets you carry a ruck sack easier. :military_helmet:


I didn’t think orthopedic shoes would help but I stand corrected.

At this point what we really need is Conan Exiles 2 with modern graphics made in Unreal Engine 5, better AI, more features.
Hopefully it’s going to happen after they release Dune.

The only conceivable way to have elves in Conan I can think of would be Williams Syndrome or Stahls Ear as options.

Elves, not so much.
Alien Elephant Men, however, are canon.

Let’s let Tolkien have his stuff and try to stay close to Howard and his good friend Lovecraft who collaborated quite a bit.

If this one has to speculate, this one would guess an Age of Gods or Age of Civilization/Empires (tm?) is coming soon.
This is, of course, unfounded supposition.

While this one would love to see a particular small bite of the map added, this one doubts that is in the cards for a very long time. Possibly a new dungeon?

Stated desires from the Devs include reexamining the religion system and the craft thralls are people too initiative. One we are seeing tangible progress on already.

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I hope they are not going to mess with religion and Avatars as I have these switched off.

I’d like to see more QOL features, like player owned vendors (barkeeper system is already done).
So we could place our own vendors who would be selling to other players.
I’d see that as a thrall mode, switch to vendor mode (so it can be killed and robbed by some nasty characters haha)

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Ah yes, The Age of Gods. Think of the merchandise. Banners, emblems, light, medium and heavy sets of armour, fancy statues, a throne etc

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They could even release a new “premium” religion, Mammon.
That’s a joke.

The premium god would be Bel, and we all know why…

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