They Put Age of Conan Maps in Conan Exiles!

I got nothing to do with this but it’s a fun video. Not sure what can be done with the AOC maps in Exiles though.



literally an age of conan 2 but non mmo mode.

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Pretty cool, looks decent with mostly correct scaling too. Probably quite a bit of work behind the scenes though.

Considering the layouts and how many maps there are already it seems like the whole map is pretty much imported and just spitted out into unreal engine, with some manual tinkering after that. Pretty cool to see well known areas upscaled with better lighting effects


I haven’t hopped back into AoC to directly compare AoC textures with those in the CE mod, but are any of the actual textures upscaled from what they were in AoC? Looks pretty similar when just comparing it to memory of things like buildings. It is cool having different lighting and it shows great promise being in the Unreal Engine.

I’m intrigued about what this mod could become with more work.

Omg! that looks great

Fans: Can we get AoC2
FC: no comment, ignore
Another fans: Almost done as CE mod

This is the Way


Yeah most of the textures are the same, i did notice some more detailed textures but maybe it was placebo, the good lights maybe tricked me, some of the assets like trees and grass seems swapped to unreal ones, i wonder if that was made by hand.

I would assume trees/grass would probably be unreal ones. But I really have no idea what assets they were able to export from AoC and import to Exiles, or how connected they would be out of the box. There is probably a ton of work adding stuff like that back in manually. So kudos to the mod author for dedicating so much time to the project!

I re-downloaded exiles just for this, def going to check this out. I’ve always wanted someone to be able to get an AOC private server going. I guess this is the next best thing.

Quite cool. This must have been done with some datamining. There are files that contains where every single mesh/model is placed in the world. The author must have acquired every single 3D model from the game files together with the placement of every single model.

Why the trees have been replaced is because it’s simple to just replace tree 1 from aoc with tree 1 from conan exiles. It is quite hard to replace the Old Tarantia temple as there is no equalivent in exiles.

This is quite impressive and it makes me want to download exiles again to explore the world.


Must still be a very long time before this project is even close to being finished.

This is very cool. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

are the dungeons ported as well?

Probably not and I wouldnt count on it as dungeons are built different compared to outdoor areas. Dungeons are basically 1 huge 3D model and they are enclosed, even if it was ported it would require a lot of work to add lights to the scenes.

We can only hope i guess but due to how much hardware has developed and i am really talking about modern M2 type SSDs (NVME) ‘‘Total Gamechangers’’ Mobo-RAM and CPU capabilities, not GPUs making AoC on a New Engine, but an entirely different and modernized Game that could rival Modern Titles, wether Dungeons and Raiding or Sieging or PvP and Dueling or everything…
…it wouldn’t surprise me if something like that happen within the 2020-2030 period.

Just look how many Developers are holding back and preparing for the next GPU Generations.
In fact they take it very slow trying to keep their prices high. Nvidia is the worst since the 4000 series will just be upgraded 3000s with huge PSU power consumption to support a ‘‘Beta’’ State of Raytracing, which are technically upgraded 1000s with more VRAM and Raytracing that barely performs unless you are on the very high end range. They really messed up their marketing policy after the 2000s.

AMD will do well, as well as Intel in terms of low power consumption and ray tracing core capabilities with some trade offs, specifically not the Speed you can achieve with AMD neither the experienced Driver support from Nvidia. But its their first Gen of modern GPUs ever so makes sense.

In any case, plenty of Developers are taking their time and prepare for 2023-2024 where plenty of big game titles will release. Let’s hope the new Vampire the Masquerade will not mess up again lol

The only issue Funcom might have, is the funds for such an MMO project.

Funcom developer meeting:

Developer1: You know what it would be awesome team? If we made Conan Exiles feel like a massive world.
Developer2: That’s amazing boss 10/10 “highfives Developer1”
Developer3: Woot woot
Jim the intern: Don’t we already have a game that is like a massive world… I’m trying to remember the name… Time of Conan something like that… I think it’s an MMO…
Developer2: Jim we don’t talk about that…
Developer1: Now we know why you are just an intern Jim hahahaha
Developer3: hahaha good one boss “highfives developer1”
Jim the intern pours coffee to everyone at the table