Texture upscale

Hello. Are anyone know a method to edit AoC textures? I mean how to unpack .rdb files and then pack textures back? I want to upscale them with ESRGAN or similar method, but dont know how to extract them.

i know about rdb extractor but dont know how to use it because for me its a mess

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RDBextractor can get unpacked versions of game textures, but I do not think you will find RDB packaging tool. No worries, I think you can just leave textures in “\Program Files\Funcom\Age of Conan\Data\Gui\Customized”\ subfolders unpacked and it will take those if they are accessible by game expecting certain format and version of it.


well, if ypou are right it seems that you found a solution!

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also if anyone have rdbextractor or any other tool for unpack game archives and textures please send it to me

Sadly that would make things worse in this case, lots of UVs are stretched in a lot of areas. You would achieve uneven results. I have offered Funcom my expertise and told them I would work “almost for free”. But no answer, I doubt they even have people checking messages related to AoC.


thats too bad to hear… i have some experience with Lineage2 texture upscaling, its a far more easier then same thing in Age of conan, where mostly part of textures are a mess and dont even have proper categories. Only new engine like UE4 one will help there, upscaling is useless

Keep harassing me until I get back to my personal servers ‘back home’. It will probably be a month, though. I’m stuck 3000k’s away because of virus. I MIGHT still have the RDBExtractor in my AoC files collection, although I did lose a drive full of game material a few years back including copies of my original AoC ISO’s sad face.

Velovar, if what DimChik’s saying is true, you might not even need FC to assist you in expanding the game. AoC is something I always wanted to see opened up just enough that pro-active community members could take up new and old content creation.
Item’s like:

  • New questlines
  • Cut questlines
    (both those points would be extraordinarily easy to implement)
  • New audio soundbites, background and ambient music
  • Offline-only solo play
  • Engine enhancement such as textures, shaders and raytracing
  • General bug revision with a monitored (but submitters need registering) submission channel

Some of these are server-side only, and would require revision by FC, but other’s like the texture packs are clearly viable client-side, work, and need only little explanation to prove funstional. Anarchy Online was essentially recreated, but hopefully AoC could be done in stages ala Tortage > L20 zones as time permits.

Really what I’m trying to say is maybe gather up some other interested members and put together a business proposal AoC staff can then put forward to their boss who can then translate it to their language (troll?). Showing them something is both possible and feasible would be a good (re)start.


Can someone tell me how to put edited (custom) textures into AoC client? I think that this is similiar process to editing the UI - i need to put textures into Age of Conan\Data\Gui\Customized folder? And i need to create subfolder for textures, but which one? How i need to name it? Do i need any subfolders inside it or just put edited textures directly inside?
When i extract them with RDB extractor i creates textures with names, for exaple 21 - $2E0F1DB8.dds do i need to change it or not?

No : Age of Conan\Data\Gui\Customized is only used for the ui components.

so there are no option to do that at all?

There is… But at the game start Patcher will verify files you changed and restore old versions. So need to skip that to keep changes in non-ui folders.

it can be easily skipped by aoc mod that called Yorgomir. it allows run aoc directly from exe.

please tell me how to allow game to use modded textures. if it possible i can upscale eveything with TopazAI and make aoc look better

Aoc is not a mod friendly game. Ui mods and quick start a d the pvp app being the exceptions. You won’t find the answers here. You’ll have to figure it out with whatever technical knowledge you have. Good luck.

you didnt say anything helpful so why you answering me if you dont know anything?

Take big mad Guts the angry barbarian

I am trying to help you understand the futility of your question.

Im asking because i know what i asking. I saw in past mods to AoC that allowed ppl to use custom textures on characters, like replaced textures on shields or cloaks. And nude-patch of course.
It IS possible. I just want to know how.

Do you have any links to these so called past mods?

I highly doubt you can put custom textures into a folder unless the devs supported it in the code… As far as I know it’s not possible but I’m happy to be proven wrong.

Don’t trust @Dimchik. You can’t put textures into a User Interface folder… You can put custom UI pictures but that’s because the game supports customized UI, not customized textures.

Of coursse everything is possible but it’s not going to be an easy task. If you know how to de-compile and then compile the files again + trick the game to accept the new compiled files then do it. You won’t find an easy 10 minutes solution.


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