A farewell to the king of MMOs

Get ready for a big pile of WHO ASKED!

I had to make a new forum account. I imagine at some point years ago mine was nuked as with many others. All my emails turned up to nothing when trying to “Forget password”

I felt like I need to give my final goodbye to this game despite not playing for years now at this point. A goodbye and a eulogy I spose.

Here’s to Age of Conan. This post is not here to convince those that the game is dead as we’re long past that point and those who disagreed are long gone and those who agreed are wayyy long gone.

I remember as a teen watching my father play this game (during the beta) and thinking it looked interesting… for an mmo. Never liked MMOs and never had any interest. But AOC looked… different.

So I gave it a try… and the rest was history.
I started on Bloodspire (PVP) one of MANY servers. It’s crazy to think of this game having a huge server list. Much less one where every server was basically full!
I doubt ANYONE on here will remember me but I started out as a guardian as “Evilwarrior”.
Given enough time and experience I got recruited into the guild “Requiem Nex”
(That happened probably on CROM after mergers but I can’t remember)
And that’s where things really took off!
I can’t remember all the details, eventually I moved onto maining a DT named “Reapsoul” on CROM.
I spent SO many hours that on one character I had infinitely more hours than I do on multiple games combined.
I don’t believe we will ever get something like Age Of Conan ever again.
Sure, all good things must come to an end. We cannot stop that but I feel like if done right AOC could of lasted atleast half as long as WOW.

Rest in peace Age Of Conan: Hyborian Adventures.
I was always a shy person, esp back then but I have a ton of good memories and met a lot of cool people along the way.
I wish I could go back.
Never have I been so hooked to a game like Age of Conan.


Only Evil I remember is Evilassassin.

Farewell Evilwarrior, it was great playing with you in Req Nex!

I also haven’t played in years but occasionally look at the forums and reminisce.