Farewell everyone

Age of Conan has been a loyal companion of mine on a 10 year long journey. Every journey has a beginning and an end. With a heavy heart and tired limbs it is time to announce, for me, the end of this wonderful journey. I thank Funcom and all the friends and enemies, known along the way and who have enlivened my long adventure.
For the Crom’s balls, thank you and goodbye to everyone


Byebye mate, hope to see you in some other game! sadly seems like the draught of meaningful content took its toll lately and the big guilds carrying the wellbeing of the game is on its way down now.


Goodbye, but see you around, I hope.
Hyboria just lost one of the best barbarians to have ever walked its soil. The player community lost one helpful and funny dude to play with.


Goodbye Zujo,
with your departure Age of Conan loses a piece of its soul. You were a great barbarian, an experienced and helpful player. For a long while, even a good friend.



:writing_hand: I’m sorry to see anyone leave, but it’s understandable. You’re a great player and always helped people and shared your experience; thank you, for so many positive contributions. Returning players are welcomed back

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