End of my Journey

Another Goodbye Post…

After spending nearly 7k hours in the game, starting back when it was in early access, I’ve made many good memories and friends. I moved from official servers to PvP servers, then to PvE, and eventually to private servers. A few years later, I even created my own servers. Hosting a full server, organizing events and competitions, and scripting my own quests with Pippi has been an amazing journey, providing enjoyment to players and sharing my knowledge of the game.

However, the game seemed to go through a new lead developer every year, resulting in major gameplay changes and more bugs that were never fixed, dating back to early access. (Pick a direction, build and improve on it, not constantly changing your core mechanics. I really hope they dont do this with Dune.)

The introduction of the store and battle pass was, in my opinion, the final straw (yes I knew it was coming when they announced they were bought by Tencent). Many players left, leaving only a small dedicated fan base. I’ve bought all the DLCs and a lot of the battle pass content to support my favorite survival game.

But I can’t continue. The servers are dead unless I’m constantly creating new quests, events, and competitions to keep players engaged. The game itself no longer holds any engagement, not to mention all the bugs, I simply cannot provide what the game lacks, anymore. I have nothing left to give.

Will I play Dune? I will check it out. But with how Funcom handled Conan Exiles, I do not have high hopes for the game. With a heavy heart, it’s time to move on and find a survival game that isn’t as bad. I wish everyone an amazing journey and good luck!


i m sad to be on agreement with your post, and i am also an early access player only playing officials pvp and who bought all dlc but never any bazaar stuffs.

i simply hope you post will be read by some management at funcom as your story is the story of the majority of players and you did a good resume of the major problems we saw. safe trip fellow barbarian, and keep faith in crom.


Welcome to the Forum @GoingAway . I am day one Ps4 player and yes this game has suffered. Just reupped my server subscription for another 3 months and will continue to because of the friends I have made in this is game. Probably will not spend alot of time on Official servers but do enjoy some of the new features even though they don’t actually work correctly. Come back later and see if the game improves although not going to hold my breath. Good luck in whatever you decide Exile.

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RIP Conan. It’s been dead to me since AoW Ch2, though most of Age of Sorcery has been a total mess. It’s really tragic how incompetently this amazing game has been managed.

There’s nothing else quite like Conan, but fortunately there’s a bunch of other great stuff out there. Go play Satisfactory, The Planet Crafter, Palworld or whatever brings you joy. Trying to play Conan in the face of the abusive patches Funcom keeps churning out just brings pain and frustration.


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