Gratitude [Age of Conan anniversary]


From a veteran player, for keeping Age of Conan alive and running after 11 long and well-spent years.
Controversies regarding the state of the game, its administration or its playerbase/community aside, we all recognize the overall niche gem that AoC is, and how it remains relevant in the MMO world after all this time. An unmistakeable mark of quality and endurance, echoing the hyborian spirit itself.

With two titles and a third one soon to arrive, the irony for multiplayer Conan games is that despite the choice outnumbering other franchises, its niche state means its market appeal will never equal other mainstream titles like WoW or even ESO… But that’s precisely its strength, that it caters to a different audience.

Now more than ever, as the game reaches old age, let it be our shared responsability to keep AoC alive, knowing that our presence itself ensures that this world stays open to us all, despite whatever motivation keeps us logging back in regularly.
Let us then continue working together to keep AoC (and Hyboria, by extent) present for as long as possible, for we will surely miss it after it’s gone.

To the Community: Positivity (you know what i’m talking about), raising awareness to the game.

To the Developers/Funcom: AoC is your longest standing success, owed in part to the love you devoted to its creation and to the support of players. The community expects nothing other than reciprocated support and content whenever/however possible, even if just minor fixes. Keep up the good work of the last months. We will keep supporting you as we’ve been doing throughout these years.

Happy birthday Age of Conan, its community, its developer team.
An old lion is a lion still.


Well said, well said indeed.