Suggestion - Fat Thralls

Hello Funcom Brains

So this is not a slight toward overweight folks but I’m wondering whether we can get some portly or overweight NPCs?

Everyone in the game look like either Arnie or Brad Pitt, can we get some diversity in body size?

I’m thinking something like Obelix the Gaul, or Andre the Giant? And some Armor that reflects this size too?

Love the game by the way.


True every old fart u see in these exiled lands looks like mitra himself

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That’s just what happens when you get exiled. Look what happened to Saddur (left pic is from Age of Conan).


Its the other way around. Age of Conan happens during King Conan’s reign of Aquilonia, taking place after Hour of the Dragon. Conan Exiles is between A Witch Shall be Born and Xuthal of the Dusk (Slithering Shadow).

Saddur is much older in Age of Conan.


I guess he collected all the pieces for the keystone and was able to pass through the ghost fence. :slight_smile:

Good info, though. Thanks. I never really looked into the time frames in which the games were taking place.


Well, the Exiled Lands is a harsh place where one needs to stay fit in order to stay alive. Also, many of us were imprisoned and tortured for an unknown amount of time before getting nailed onto the cross, so even if some Exiles used to be fat merchants or priests, they’ve lost most of that weight before ending up in the Exiled Lands.

That said, I would be happy to see variety in body types. It would be a huge effort to do in the game, though, needing to create new models for most wearables. But I hope Funcom will find time to do that eventually. Perhaps in a few years, AI tools will have developed enough so as to automate much of the process.


You would hardly survive in such a harsh place unless you were extremely fit.

You could just hang out along noob river, without much effort. Plenty of (very slow) rabbits and kappas, and eggs and berries. Just spend all lay lazily floating down the river. :slight_smile:


Loving that idea. Can see myself now floating down the river eating berries and humming tunes like Baloo…

“The…bear necessities…”


Fattening, right?
Darfari Cannibals yould love that. :smile:


Yep wanted this for a long time. Why don’t they go ahead and finally add that booty slider too. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Hahaha i like that idea alot having some big thralls both in height and in weight woule be a very nice touch of diversity i support this!


NAH HAHAHAHAHA i love this comment


Not if you were in a wealthy place

Yes… and imagine how worried they must have been to hit their daily protein intake to maintain their bodybuilder physique during all of that ordeal :rofl:

Someone must’ve brought them some very enhanced gruel along with their PED injections and had them temporarily climb off to do their workout routine daily for about the first year on that cross. :joy:

Thankfully Conan strolled past and saved them from becoming IFBB pros :smiley:

You can counter that effect a bit if you lower the slider, @Xevyr . They will look significantly less rip. Robust, but not shredded.

I would love that, @rigultru . But I have 0 hopes of that ever happening.

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Oh my oh my what will you do when they come for you. Everyone knows there’s a base line of thrall body types and faces. Funcom can only do much. As far as having a fat thrall no thank you. I want one that moves like the road runner and kills like a mord sith. Last word can’t remember spelling. Do you truly want a fat thrall protecting your base or you. My answer is no

would prefer to get pleasure slaves (that conan lore is full of) rather than body diversity at this point…

also i wonder what many armours would look upon them… they cannot even properly add an armour that DOES not remove ur beards for some years now (just wear a medium aquilonian helmet to get my POV) . makes magically bread to disappear
imagine them trying to implement the armour models in various body types…

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Natural selection, all the fat ones are dead.