Any New Character Creation Options?

so… no change? Also, what do mods have to do with it?

Do to the lack of customization, and ugly Cro-Magnon man/woman.
The mods make them human. Yet as you can see FUncom has had games in the past that did not look this way.
It seems in the last few years you can not make a pretty toon.
Its a bunch of woke stuff I dont care about why they do it.
RDR2 has the worse looking toons Ive seen in a game. Done on purpose.

Even tho the companies follow a different path than the players want, once again they dont care.

i like that the modding community always comes with different solutions to the lack of character creation options, but i totally preffer vanilla to anime-like character in Conan Exiles

I think that’s a bit unfair. Game Companies are like Authors, they have their own vision for the characters in their games. When we as players decide to mod those games, its akin to fan-fiction. But game developers, like authors, should have the freedom to depict their characters however they wish.

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Yes you are correct, the companies that spawn these games are free to ruin them at will.

There are companies than excel at this, EA, SOE, are the first two that do.
Being I love AoC, I will not put FUncom here.
Yet they have just crossed the threshold.

Well this is awkward. I don’t much like AoC but love CE.

Ok to give AoC a fair shake, it is absolutely awesome from level 1-25. After that not so much.

Low player population :frowning:
You cant any higher than 75 with out help.

I think the last time I played it the level cap was 60. Its just the quality of questlines and such took a nose dive after Tortage. Felt a bit grindy. I dunno maybe Tortage raised my expectations too much. I do recommend anyone to try it though. Tortage itself is worth the download.

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