So...Character creation and...this still a thing?

Are the new faces, hairstyles, and creation options really only accessible through th purchase of Siptah dlc? This has kinda been a wanted/needed feature for quite some time glad to see it being implemented but I feel like that should be something added through a patch/update and not a paid dlc? Not really a criticism but kind of don’t fully understand this move (or maybe I do). Also, a creation topic, the height slider…as I’m sure you (the team) is aware, unless you choose default height…at some point, your characters hair and clothing/armor (among other things) will completely become fixed in place…stop animating…static (Please Send Dryer Sheets). I know that is a relatively small issue and most likely on the lowest of priority but it’s been a thing since launch (at least for me and friends). I would like to see this fixed and have the creation options open to everyone. Stay Funcom and don’t be a FunCrom. Anyway, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and whatnot to everyone.

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PC player here.

Character options are included without Siptah, the relevant patch just must not be on ps4 yet.
You do need to reach level 45 spend 10 perk points on the Vanity Mirror perk.
But no DLC is required.

So once the parity patch hits PS4 you’ll be able to customize characters.

P.S. I don’t know about the Dynamic freeze issue except that I remember hearing they are working on it. I just don’t know where it falls on the priority list.

Happy Holidays to you and yours as well.
May the following year be filled with better days.


Appreciate the info, thank you. Lot’s of convoluted, conflicting and misleading info out there. Once again thanks and have a great one.

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Due note that certain new hair and face options(give or take on your definition)are only available with
Dlc but the mirror is for all free

I don’t have the Siptah DLC, so I don’t know what is or isn’t included.

However I do know there are some new hair / face styles included for free without the DLC, but are only available at the vanity table.

Yes but some were tied they said in dev stream to siptah but the mirror was free but I
On Xbox so

Looks like FUNdamentally inCOMpetent failed again :slight_smile:

How so?

It’s not FC’s fault the process for updating console versions is so arduous.
Nor is it their fault you chose to buy console.

As far as cosmetic items being only in DLC’s
They said right at the start DLC’s would be cosmetic.
granted Siptah is a deviation from the original plans but it is still an optional choice.
One I didn’t take, I have the season pass 1-2 do you know what would happen if I unticked those DLC’s?.. nothing anything I built will still be there, I just couldn’t build anything new from those DLC’s.

Take your vitriol back to fortnight.


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