Clothing and hair dynamics freeze

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Clothing and hair dynamics freeze,though i know this is a small issue, but it is annoying, it doesn’t happen until i build the wheel of pain, if i desroy the wheel of pain, and reload the game the issue goes away,possible link to the issue to the aforementioned issue and wheel of pain. Thank you for your time[Free text]

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Its an issue that is apparently “in development” according to the trello board.
Is your character’s height non default? Because that seems to be the main cause of the issue, with things like the wheel of pain being triggers for it to occur.
According to other posts it can return at random and only seems to be affected by the lesser and greater wheels of pain as well.
Personally I just made a new character as my first had maxxed out height and there was no admin option to alter your character for whatever reason.

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No i usually make characters tall, so did that solve the issue for you?

I made a new character and kept her height at default and have had no issue with physics since.
Sucks because I wanted to play as an ungodly tall amazonian, but cloth physics are more important.
Some meshes look absolutely awful when static.

Lol i agree. Thanks for the info

No problemo

Side note, if you’re in single player and you decide to start over but still live in the same place, Destroy your buildings first.
Admin mode doesn’t let you negate/transfer ownership for whatever reason so you basically just have to spawn in a ton of explosives to manually destroy everything before you can build in that spot again, since the spot is “claimed” by a character which no longer exists.

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