More hair color

This is a fantasy game after all and I just wanna say the game needs more unnatural hair colors like purple, blue, green, pink, etc
Even if it’s only one tone of those each types of those colors would be nice.


This isn’t that kind of fantasy. Where do you expect to find hair dye in the exiled lands?


Point of order, it’s Sword and Sorcery, which is on the very low fantasy end of the spectrum. That having been said…

This one will lean in to support at least Blue.
Historical Picts would lye and woad their hair.
So that is not at all beyound the pale that Gurthnaki or other Hyperboreans may do that.

Green may be a good option as well, especially if some group is prone to fungal infections or literal moss growing in their braids and beards.

For other options…
Corruption tends to cause a more dead, rotted, gross look than random mutation…
But there are many other groups one might “taint their bloodline” with.

So, soft approve, of more of this than this one originally expect to.

I’m going to say this should probably remain in modding territory. If it was made base game, it would look extremely out of place for those looking for a more down to earth representation of the world itself.

I’ve been using mods that allow pretty 16 million colors for skin, eye, hair, and dye channels (including those disabled) for a number of years now. I can honestly say that when other colors are used, it doesn’t feel like the same game anymore.

This is getting into the having horns, elf ears, hooves, and other strange high fantasy cosmetic territory.


I wouldn’t mind it if they added craftable hair dye whose effects last a limited time. But as a character creation option, for “natural” hair? Yeah, I’m with @Jimbo and @Taemien on this one: that’s something best kept for mods.


I might be willing to let something like a very dark purple or blue slide, but this just isn’t that kind of fantasy setting. People running around with bright pink and blue and green and whatever other rainbow colors just does not work in this setting.


I’m kinda on the fence about the pigment thing. Originally I was going to have the opinion of using the dyes on the dye table, but then I hesitated and thought about it. I quickly didn’t like that idea.

A quick image search on pigments used by tribal peoples shows a orangish color already in the color picker which they use clay to color their hair. As far as other colors, it was usually black or white. I’m not seeing green or blue. Green being from moss or other vegetation would probably require modeling a new hairstyle.

If anything I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the exotic hairstyles used by the Darfari, though the means they use to do that is a little gross. Just Darfari Maneaters doing maneater things.

I feel like the colors we have pretty much cover everything already.

Perhaps, instead of base hair colours, they could be unlocked at the Orb of Nergal.
There were some pretty unnatural eyes that had items that could unlock them. Not implemented if this one recalls…
Between that and the illusion options, the hair doesn’t seem as unreasonable.

Unless it comes with grotesquely oversized pauldrons.

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Hey, you know those are a lot more practical that they look, right?


To be fair, some of the armour dyes a very vivid.

These aren’t to my liking, but each to their own.

Well, bright colored clothing is one thing. Hair is something else entirely.


Walking dead skeletons is definitely a fantasy game

Yeah, there’s necromancy. But last I checked there isn’t a drug store open in the unnamed city selling neon hair dyes

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And the hair color I suggested wouldn’t have to be bright which is what I’m saying

Bright or not, your words were “unnatural”. How would you explain it? How would someone get their hair a color that it isn’t naturally? Is necromancy somehow related to that?

And who said you have to use the colored hair?

Who said it belongs in the first place? Doesn’t matter if I use it. Should we add laser guns too? Whoever doesn’t like them just don’t use it I guess :person_shrugging:

I know I’ll definitely use the purple hair color

There’s plenty of mods that’ll give you that affect. But how would you explain, within reason and the logic of the game’s lore how you managed that?

So only pc can have it but people on consoles aren’t allowed that’s kinda of double standards to me