Alternative dye suggestions and some other ideas

Just recently had a few ideas that could be possible, granted other games have done some of these already, the dyes could have more uses than just re-colouring armour, some other uses for dye could be;

  • Certain housing items: Items such as chairs, banners, rugs, beds, etc. could be dyed to add a personal touch to your building, or even have just have dyable banners so clans can highlight territories easier.
  • Re-colouring hair: No offense, but the amount of hair colour choices is rather lacking, sure PC users can mod more colour choices in, but we console users can’t.
  • Weapons: With bladed weapons like swords, just parts like the hilt and pommel could be dyable, but for weapons such as bows, mauls and maces, the majority could be dyable.
  • Changing the colour of sign text: The default white text colour isn’t always easy to see, so being able to change it might help.
  • Changing the colour of non-functional war paints: I believe the war paints that add attributes should always be the one colour, but purely decorative ones could be different colours.

I also had a few other ideas that I think could be useful or fun;

  • Expanding the number of weapons that can be used in the off-hand: I think it would be possible to add the one-handed sword and axe to the off-hand, but making these alter combos a bit more than the changes with items like the throwing axe.
  • Actual windows: I don’t just mean the holes in the wall we currently have, windows that can actually be opened and closed, since an arrow can still pass through a window.
  • Fire propagation: I’m aware this would be extremely difficult to implement, but would be a nice touch of realism, would make trebuchets a little OP though.
  • Weather in single player: More than just sandstorms and a bit of fog would make single player a bit more enjoyable, does get tiresome with just sun, sandstorms and fog.
  • More hazardous weather: Sure the sandstorms are deadly, but you can craft protection from them. Maybe thunderstorms where you can be struck by lightning, rainstorms occasionally pelting you with hailstones, tornadoes, and even blizzards.
  • Creatures and hostile human NPCs being able to call for nearby backup: If an enemy’s health drops to a certain level, they could call out for help, luring every NPC friendly to them but hostile to you within a certain radius to assist them.
  • Being able to break down equippable items into a portion of their resources: It would be an alternative to just discarding old gear once you can make better gear, but of course like repairing, limit it to only stuff you know how to craft.
  • Aquariums: With the pet system coming, I was thinking maybe aquariums for the fish and shellfish caught in the traps could be a possible future addition, they would purely be for cosmetic uses though.
  • Light sources not passing through solid objects: It gets rather annoying seeing the light from a torch or furnace somehow going through a wall it shouldn’t go through.

I better leave it there, wasn’t expecting to go on that long :sweat_smile:


All of these sound very good, I am all for it.
Especially colorable banners and better and more hair colors.

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